Kansas City’s Rory Fresco Releases “Act Out”

via Instagram
via Instagram

About a month ago, we came in contact with an 18-yr-old artist and producer by the name of Rory Fresco. What was surprising at the time was the fact that Rory hailed from Kansas City, Missouri, home to a rising underground scene, but still a relatively untapped market. The KCMO/KCK area as a whole has produced an eclectic handful of artists — Mac Lethal, Janelle Monae as well as Tech N9ne and the entire Strange Music camp to name a few. And though the Midwest itself is booming, there are not a lot of people outside of the city that know all too much about rappers from KC. Rory, however, hopes to change that.

Once he picked up music in middle school, it was at that moment that he knew this is what he wanted to do for a living. Since then, he has worked diligently to improve his talents and has even produced for several Kansas City rappers along the way. A recent high school graduate, Rory feels he is free and ready to carve out his own lane in music. His debut LP Hollywood Rebel, an 11 track project which Fresco produced entirely himself, is set to release December 2015. Until then, listen to his debut single, “Act Out”. 


Alex Preston

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