Creative Minds vs. Athletic Minds — how do they compare?


Basketball season is here and many people talk about Kobe Bryant’s basketball skills, but do they really know him? I picked up a very subtle characteristic from Kobe Bryant that has personally left a very big impact on my life: the Kobe Mindset. In Layman’s terms, this philosophy simply means never sell yourself short. You must tell yourself I’m the best and I’m gonna prove I am through hard work and dedication. The Kobe Mindset encourages self confidence, with a hint of selfishness. Tell yourself you got it. By all means, tell yourself you are better than the competition. Don’t let yourself fall behind. You have to be willing to work like Kobe because Kobe never gave up, even when he wanted to or felt like needed to. Let’s take it back to December 17th, 1997; a young Kobe Bryant gives Michael Jordan thirty-three points to work with. At the time, MJ was playing for the Bulls and even though Chicago won the game by 21 points, the large deficit didn’t stop The Black Mamba.

It was on that day that he sent a message to Jordan and the league that he was no longer going to be the only basketball player wearing the crown. Even though Bryant’s Lakers lost the game, he never gave up until the clock struck zero. Kobe kept going and to this day he continues to work harder and harder to get improve as an athlete. This mindset not only proves your potential to yourself, but it also proves to everyone else that you are ready to work hard and provide the dedication needed to be successful in whatever aspects possible.

Dallas Mavericks v Los Angeles Lakers - Game One

Now take Kobe Bryant — while you’re at it, take Michael Jordan, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant or any other athlete in any other sport for that matter. Think about what traits they must have in order to achieve their goal. Motivation, commitment, determination, persistence, discipline, the list goes on and on. In the greatest athletes, this is apparent. But have you thought about applying this to creatives as well? Picasso, Michelangelo or Kanye West. What’s their purpose? In short, it is to ultimately achieve the goals they’ve set for themselves, change the world for the better and influence a generation. Both athletes and creatives carry these traits. They are displayed and applied in so many different ways, but at the core, they all have the same mindset, and it is this mindset that is responsible for their vast success.

Having the proper outlook on your creativity is very important. Believing wholeheartedly in your creativity, placing trust in your creativity and being your creativity are three of the most important things you could do. Living in a creative mindset means you are allowing yourself to feel, think and act deeply through freedom and values. How you interpret your creativity changes and influence the way you look and feel about many things. A creative mindset can send you into an entirely different dimension of advanced learning and feeling. It allows you to be whatever you want and create whatever you want. Creativity is the element of freedom taken to a whole new level. It is outside the box thinking. 

At first glance, an athlete’s mindset and a creative’s mindset may not seem comparable, but in the end, you’d be surprised. The two mindsets suit two entirely different careers, but at the core they serve the same purpose: advance and provide a path for success.




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