Kevin Moon & Jeff Tang Team Up with Pas De Faux for “The Preamble: Retribution”

“I really wanted the capsule to look and feel like the wardrobe of a kid my age, but during the Native American era, while at the same time incorporating a slightly modern feel to it.”

Ryan Friedlinghaus Jr. (@ryanxpdf), designer behind LA based streetwear line Pas De Faux, is finally prepared to unveil his long awaited capsule for the Autumn/Winter 2015 season, The Preamble: Retribution. The lookbook for the capsule, which was shot by renowned photographer Kevin Moon and designer-photographer Jeff Tang, is a conceptual piece of work centered around Native American culture — hence the desert theme. We asked Ryan to elaborate a little more about the set he used for the visual aspect of the collection:

“Playing along with the word Retribution, the set was to portray almost a Native American tribe member in the moments before war.”

It is evident that the small, yet beautifully crafted collection consists of only a few pieces. However, despite the size of the collection, it definitely packs one hell of a punch. A historical punch, that is. The designer spoke to us more about the meaning and purpose in which the collection carried. Although you may think you have the pieces of the puzzle together, take another look.

“Basically this capsule is based around the a horrible series of events that happened at Sandcreek, where a tribe of Cheyenne Indians were slaughtered in the most uncivilized way possible by (John) Chivington and his army,” explained the designer, “The sapphire corduroy jacket plays a big role in the theme of war, as it is a representation of the blood of the innocent.”

He then went on to analyze the meaning of the pieces further:

“The dusted tee with the insignia on the back represents the tribe’s symbol, which most (tribes) had during their times. The hawk symbol is a representation of a guardian or protector, (and) the tears in its eyes are a representation of its failure to provide protection for the tribe.”

One could agree that the detail put into the crafting of this collection, from the pieces to the lookbook, helps the voice of this collection be heard. The Preamble: Retribution will be in stock on later this month.

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