The world through Devanga’s eyes, an art exposé

Large scale continuous line drawings on board. Drawn in Sharpie by DEVANGA.

“It definitely does have an emotional effect, especially when it comes to the creative process which is pretty much systematic disorganization – it’s never linear.”

Let’s say a person is feeling some type of way; whether it’s depressed, concerned, suicidal, or even happy. However, they have no desire to reach out to anyone and get anything off of their chest — because you know, it always feels good to get the issue out of your system. Of course, the majority of people would resort to the traditional diary or journal. Others may write songs or poems. Then finally, the rest will go all-out with expressing themselves, effortlessly. Abstract paintings, sculptures, distressing drawings, or vivid designs, the passionate visual artist will express emotion through works that the blind couldn’t dream of deciphering.

Visual art is a form of creative expression that has been used for centuries upon centuries and has no intention of dying out. Perhaps one of the most controversial forms of creative and emotional expression, visual art has absolutely no rights or wrongs, despite how nonsensical, random, or psychologically distressing it may be.

Devanga, 19, embracing a vivid work of art.
Devanga, 19, embracing a vivid work of art.

Now meet Devanga, a 19 year old visual artist born in Sri Lanka who has effortlessly mastered the ways of visual expression.

“The timeless transcendence of cultural art (in Sri Lanka) and its ideas are something I explore and take into consideration in my own work.”

It all started in an art class while at a very young age. Devanga, at the time a 3rd grader, had to create self portraits inspired by the art of Pablo Picasso. From that moment on, she began to build her diverse art portfolio as her interest in visual art clicked. Now, a 19 year old design student, Devanga continues to create and intrigue the minds of all who come across her work.

I took the time to briefly speak with this young talented artist about her background and how it influences her craft. If you look through Devanga’s elegantly diverse portfolio, you’ll notice how truly passionate she is about art, as it shows in the quality, great detail, and most importantly, the emotion and vibe.

Tell me more about yourself. Where are you from?

I was born in Sri Lanka and am of Sri Lankan descent but I’ve grown up in New Zealand. So, best of both worlds I guess!

Does where you’re from impact your passion for art at all?

Very much so, I think it’s been very useful to have a culturally blended world view when it comes to art. I’ve always been quite taken with indigenous art and ancient frescoes that are found in Sri Lanka. The timeless transcendence of cultural art and its ideas are something I explore and take into consideration in my own work.

Can you remember the first style of art you started out with? How old were you?

My first memory of becoming interested in art was from a young age. In year 3 at school, we had to create self portraits that mimicked the style of Picasso. Then throughout school I seemed to click more with art/design related subjects. I first started out with hand drawing, but through high school I began experimenting with mixed media and digital graphic design, also photography.

Does art have any effect on you emotionally? How do you feel while you’re creating?

Short answer: fulfilled. It definitely does have an emotional effect, especially when it comes to the creative process which is pretty much systematic dis organization – it’s never linear. While feeling fulfilled, it can also be quite frustrating at times, especially when you’re stuck in a creative rut. I feel like if your creative process and work isn’t an emotional journey, something’s wrong. My favorite part is when I’m in the phase of my work where it’s continuous development and ideation, when the possibilities seem endless. It’s a pretty tumultuous journey when it comes to creating.

Shortly after the interview, Devanga annotated some of her personal favorite pieces. Peruse the small gallery below and experience the breathtaking visuals for yourself.

You can look at more of Devanga’s work on her Tumblr and follow her Twitter as well.


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