These Two Brothers Are Redefining Class… with Tree Wood

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We all know the classic clothing accessory, the bow tie, correct? Now, how about the wooden bow tie? Yes, literally a classy bow tie made 100% out of pure, authentic tree wood. If you’re new to the concept, the first place we recommend you look is the new and growing brand out of Northern Virginia, MNM Bows.

Founded by stylish duo Omar Huda and Muneeb Ahmer, MNM Bows will be selling us their classy vision through hand-crafted wooden bow ties that are made from Agarwood and Sandalwood. The difference between these two kinds of heartwood can be seen in the color of the ties. Ties made from Agarwood will be a much darker tone (below), while ties made from Sandalwood will be slightly lighter. However, both classes of wood are equal in quality.

Dark Brown wooden bow tie, $40.00 at
Dark Brown wooden bow tie, $40.00 at

Many people could ask: “Why wood?” Well, simply because it’s something you wouldn’t see in every clothing line or outlet. It’s something new, and something natural. Plus, it could look real nice if worn right. Just ask Muneeb, one out of the two brains behind the company:

“We were interested in coming out with something unique. We wanted to start a new fashion trend; something that the fashion industry has never seen.”

Despite the fact that wooden bow ties aren’t completely new, only one other brand is doing it, but with a slightly higher price range, and that’s Two Guys Bow Ties. Wooden sunglasses are being done as well by Shwood Eyewear, known for being the first wooden eyewear line to enter the fashion industry. Long story short, the Wood Accessory market is growing, and Omar and Muneeb are taking their places in it as two of the pioneers.

At some point in the near future, expect bigger and better from this new brand. The designer duo has told us that they will be adding quality clothing to go with their bow ties. However, the clothing won’t be made from wood… which is probably a good idea.

Omar posing in an MNM Bow.
Omar posing in an MNM Bow.

You can follow Omar @TeamHuda and Muneeb @MuneebAhmer. The brand itself can be followed @MNMBows.

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