FKA twigs proves her genius again in “M3LL155X”

fka twigs

FKA twigs showcases her peculiar yet intriguing artistry in an unexpected 16-minute film for her new EP titled, M3LL155X, a stylization of Melissa, referred to as twig’s “personal female energy”. The singer demonstrates a scenario for four of the five songs on the EP. If you’re familiar with FKA twigs and her work then you already know she’s quite the visionary.

The video starts off with Michèle Lamy, wife of Rick Owens, making a haunting cameo in “Figure 8”, appearing as an anglerfish adorned with jewelry. Twigs portrays a blow-up sex doll in “I’m Your Doll”, and wakes up pregnant at the beginning of “In Time”. The singer displays her dancing skills during “In Time” dressed in denim apparel and Timberlands, which sort of gave off an Aaliyah music video vibe. Next is “Glass & Patron”, where twigs gives birth to colorful pieces of fabrics illustrating “the process of feeling pregnant with pain, birthing creativity and liberation.” Models rock the runway with their captivating moves and vogue demeanor, concluding the impeccable masterpiece. Twigs did an incredible job constructing the visual and definitely caught the attention of the artistically inclined. Just when we thought music videos were beginning to lack originality, twigs blessed us with an interesting piece of art.


1. Figure 8
2. I’m Your Doll
3. In Time
4. Glass & Patron
5. Mothercreep

Check out “M3LL155X” below



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