Newest OVO Member Roy Wood$ Releases Debut Project ‘Exis’, And We Graded It

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During the second edition of OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1 July 25th, the world caught wind of some exclusives; two of which were tracks by recent OVO signee, 19 year old Toronto native Roy Wood$. Within days, the name Roy Wood$ was on nearly every notable music publication and his smoothly sung lyrics coupled with his gritty raps were stuck in the heads of thousands. As one can imagine, not much is really known about Wood$, other than his voice and cadence rivals that of both The Weeknd and Michael Jackson, respectively. He had uploaded a handful of tracks to his Soundcloud this past year that got buzz throughout Canada and we also saw him make a cameo in Drake’s music video for Energy, but other than that, he has seemed to lay low for the most part. In an April interview with Noisey, Wood$, born Denzel Spencer in Brampton, Ontario said he only began taking music seriously roughly four years ago, when concussions from playing football began taking a toll on him, physically and mentally.

“I had like four concussions, and I didn’t want to go through that anymore because I was getting headaches and I didn’t think my body could take it, so I was like ‘I’m going to sing my ass off instead.” “There was always music around me, but I wasn’t interested in the choir, it just wasn’t for me. So I decided to just experiment and do my own thing.”

Wood$ with Drake in the music video for “Energy”

Exis begins with Innocence, a raunchy cut produced by FrancisGotHeat, another young product of Canada’s rising music scene. The subject matter revolves around sex, drugs and girls, (what’s new, right) but is not as in-your-face and uninspired like most songs out that are so blatant with these particular topics. The track transitions into Go Go Go, no doubt an album highlight. Roy croons over ambient and atmospheric soundscapes reminiscent of Drake’s 2010 debut album, Thank Me Later. The project really picks up around the middle, starting with our personal favorite entitled Get You Good. On this particular track it is evident that Wood$ holds the late Michael Jackson in high regard. This was even apparent on previous singles he’s made public, the track All of You to be exact. The song itself is catchy and radio friendly, as is the track that put him on the map, Drama, which features the 6 God himself, Drake.

Regardless of the Drizzy stimulus package, Roy Wood$ definitely has room for improvement, as he should; he’s only 19 and just entering the spotlight after all. There should be plenty on this E.P. that keeps fans interested in hearing his subsequent project, whenever that may be. All in all, a pretty good first impression was made, but only time will tell whether or not his music will hold any longevity.

Courtesy of Thomas Ridout via Instagram
Courtesy of Thomas Ridout via Instagram

You can purchase Exis on iTunes.

Our Final Grade for Exis

Alex Preston


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