Joseph Barbante’s Eye of Many Colors

For months I’ve been trying to figure out the perfect article to write. I didn’t want to write an article about somebody we all know about because, what’s the fun in reading the same facts you’ve read on every other blog, or looking at the same photos of every major artist/designer out there? I took to Twitter asking for people to send me their portfolios so I can review and give the right person their light. Within ten minutes of my post I received an email from Joseph Barbante-Lopes. He linked me to two things: a website for his clothing company “All Light Vision” and his personal Instagram @Joseph.Barbante.

I loaded both pages and paid close attention to the images on my screen. The thumbnails on my phone showed me bright colorful images that were unique in style, somewhere in-between a Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol. The images include a pineapple, painted pink with a knife going through it, and a pill bottle, spilling over onto a mirror for a depth effect that popped out at me for a Hirst-like image. The images are also shot onto a classic blue backdrop that seem to be repetitive in style, allowing his foreground come to life as you view them.

These unique images made me grow to love this 20 year old artist from Northern California. I immediately then switched over to check out his company’s vision to see what that was all about.

You are greeted once again with vivid colors that leave you with a desire to see more. The consistency from one art medium to another is truly pleasing to the eye. While a lot of these new “creatives” seem to be all over the place with their vision, Joseph sticks to one path, and he is rolling along with ease. His past collection consisted of cut & sewn pieces that are a unique blend of cuts and minimalistic details including a long sleeve shirt with zippers that allow the wearer to remove them to create a short sleeve tee — pretty innovative for a first collection.

Joseph’s current collection continues to showcase the minimalistic trend with graphics and colors that pop and compliment one another. If you ever want to see text book color palettes in a collection, I will always steer you to Only NY, and I think the two tees here display that same Only NY flare from a simple clean graphic and color choices.

You can purchase these tees here

I highly recommend you to jump on board with this young visionary who has a natural eye for color schemes that pop right out at you.



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