A Live Exorcism Will Be Held On TV — Good or Bad Idea?

The Exorcist, 1973
The Exorcist, 1973

Mwhahaha… It’s August. Which means in about 2 months things will start to get a bit scarier than usual. Simply put, Halloween is fast approaching. What’s a better way to celebrate Halloween than televising a live, real exorcism? That’s a trick question — there is no better way.

For all who are confused as to what an exorcism actually is, it’s a ritual in which a Priest (or psychic medium) attempts to remove, or exorcise, a demonic spirit (or even a flat-out demon) from a possessed person or place. And if you’ve seen the 1973 William Friedkin classic The Exorcist, then you probably know how absolutely fucking terrifying that could be. If you think exorcisms are fictional acts and can only be seen in movies — think again. For hundreds of years exorcisms have been done, with roots from the Catholic Church. This ritual will continue to be done for years to come, but for the first time, it’ll be done on live TV.

On October 30th, which also could be known as Halloween Eve, psychic medium Chip Coffey and the Tennessee Wraith Chasers will be going about the dangerously possessed real “Exorcist House” in St. Louis live on the cable network Destination America. During the scary special, the psychic and the team will be using their high-tech equipment to find demonic entities and conduct real exorcisms.

The question is — is it a good idea to showcase an actual exorcism on TV?

The Exorcist, 1973
The Exorcist, 1973

Our answer — hell yeah and a tiny pinch of no.

Hell Yeah because of the obvious reason: that’s cool as hell. I think a majority of us can agree that a live exorcism will be heavily watched by millions of people, especially the ones who don’t believe in spiritual rituals like this, and the people who just love horror. It will not only be a moment of truth, but a learning experience. We will get an inside look of what a REAL exorcism is like, rather than the Hollywood horror movie, green vomit spewing, 360 degree head turning teenage demon girls… unless of course that can actually happen during a real exorcism. Who knows what could happen?

The Exorcist, 1973
The Exorcist, 1973

A Tiny Pinch Of No because of another obvious reason: it’s an exorcism. Exorcisms are no joke, and don’t get us wrong, this is not being done for comedic purposes. Not everyone can handle something so intense. As a matter of fact, it’s being done because nothing like this has ever been done before on TV in television history — there’s a reason for this! Another key reason it’s being done is because it’s Halloween, but we know that already.

The real
The real “Exorcist House” in St. Louis.

Will you be tuning in to see this scare? The program will air live on Destination America at 9 PM eastern time on October 30th.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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