A Visual That Only the Blind Can See


Style blogger, fashion enthusiast, and now aspiring designer Callum “Outlander” McCaff is making his designer status official with his first release as a designer. “The Braille Cap” is a mysterious piece with a visual that only a specific group of people can read, that being so because that visual is written — not in Latin, not in French, not even in Japanese — but in Braille. Yes, this is a visual that only the blind can see.

“Name someone that can’t enjoy this cap? You can’t, can you? Fashion is for everyone, even the blind,” says McCaff, “You can enjoy a cool looking graphic that’s both original and interesting. And (the blind) can enjoy the ability to read what it says.”

What does the cap say? I don’t know. I’m not blind. However, if you have a blind friend who wants to decipher the cap for us, please come forth.


The cap is currently available for pre-order at a limited-time price of £18.00. Soon, that price will move up to around £25.00 and will be available on DapperDistress and Outlander’s official store OutlanderUK.

What are your thoughts on the cap?


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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