10 Ways To Let Your Vision BREATHE


You’re called a Visionary for a reason: you have a vision. Let’s say you’re having a little trouble with bringing that vision to life — taking it from a potential idea to something that lives and breathes. Whether you’re a designer trying to get your brand out there, a filmmaker trying to get that mental visual onto the screen, a musical artist trying to get the lyrics from paper to the airwaves, or an aspiring entrepreneur trying to take your business plan and turn it into a Fortune 500 company, we’re all in the same boat. Here are 10 Ways To Let Your Vision BREATHE.

1. Don’t Rush or Force It — Take Your Time

Think of your vision as your baby. A very young baby — just born. Are you rushing to get that baby straight home as soon as it pops out the womb? No. Although you may want to, it’s not the best idea. Be careful and make sure you know what you’re doing before you hop right into it. What’s your mission? Who is this going to effect and how? Will it cost you? These things (and more) are very important.

2. Networking Is Key

You know the sayings “The more the merrier” or “Two heads work better than one”? Yeah, that’s when those start to make sense. If you are a one-man-band and you are the only one behind your vision — great. But, if you want to make your vision into something and expand it, it’s good to have some people in your contacts list who you can contact. For example, if you’re a designer without a manufacturer and you need one, it’s good to have someone who may know where to find one. You know what I’m sayin’? It’s always good to have some people to point you in the right direction and take you down the right path.


3. Don’t Let Simple Shit Distract You

Pay attention. If you’re serious about bringing this vision of yours to life, you better get to work and keep the right mindset. Stay focused. Sure you can have some time to chill and whatnot, everyone needs a break. But keep your priorities in mind. For you, those priorities most likely involve building a network, building an empire, and, what? Keeping focused.

4. Be Sure You’re Passionate

You’re wasting your time if you’re not passionate about your vision. Don’t do it because someone else is and it looks cool, do it because it feels right. Do it because you feel as if you need to and you know it will make an impact. Visionaries and entrepreneurs start off with a passion and that passion turns into a vision. They want to take that vision and make it something. You can only do it right if you have the drive and the passion to do so.

5. Think Of The Five W’s: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY?

Who will this effect? What will it do for you and the people you do it for? When do you need to get shit done? Why does it need to happen? These are all key things to know.


6. Know Your Role

This is pretty self explanatory. What are you doing to expand your vision? Are you the one-man-band or are you interested in getting more people on board with you? Know your role.

7. Keep Your Mission In Mind

Don’t lose sight of the gold. Use this as a motivator. What do you want to accomplish and how will you do so? Keep that in mind always. It’s very important.

8. Think Like You’re Going For World Domination

Your vision, big or small, is important to you, right? If so, attack it like it owes you money (If you invested money in it, then it literally does owe you money, so attack that shit). Think of this as another motivator. You want to make an impact. DO IT.

9. Represent

You are the visionary. You breathe for your vision until it can breathe for itself. Get the word out about your idea, try and get others on board.

10. Make It Happen

Now… just do it like Nike. Once you’re prepared, you have your blueprints sketched out — go for it. Work until you feel you have succeeded. You’ll know when your vision is alive and breathing. When you see the changes that you envisioned happening around you, you’ve done it. You can earn your title as a Visionary.


All visuals used in this article were created by Joshua Drakes. Follow him on Twitter @JoshuaDrakes and on Tumblr @artbyjrd.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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