Alexander Preston Proves “Magic” Does Exist

Test 1
Alexander Preston @worldofpreston

The world of music has been blessed with yet another newcomer. Alexander Preston, 22 and born in Missouri, is an aspiring producer who is set to release his first project to the public in the form of an EP entitled Magic. Today, Alex has released a 4 minute track (above) in order to give the world of taste of what he has in store for us.

“I went through a lengthy period where all I was listening to was the shit I was crazy into as a kid,” says Preston, “A lot of Emo and a lot of Punk Rock. Rancid, Armor for Sleep, Underoath — just to name a few. That, combined with recent personal experiences pretty much shaped the overall vibes on (Magic). Aggressive, with emotional relief towards the end.”

_MG_6531 black

The impact Preston intends to make with his music should be one that will be shared throughout the world, and hopefully inspire other members of the youth to go out and achieve what is necessary for them to be happy and successful. The sound that Alexander brings to the table keeps that aggressive vibe that is so loved by the hip hop world while keeping it authentic, so that you know it’s by Alexander Preston.

The Magic EP is set to release sometime this month. Until then, please take a listen to a track that keeps the same title as the EP. It sure as hell does prove that “Magic” does exist.



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