Artisan Shirt by Travail en Famille
Artisan Shirt by Travail en Famille

You know what I never get tired of looking at? Old, hand-drawn illustrations. One time, I was wandering around an old bookshop in Florance and found a huge book of hand-drawn cross sections of exotic plants. I thought, “This will make such a methodical addition to my shitty dorm room. It’ll look great between all my Batman comics and my pile of laundry.” Unfortunately, the shop was only selling individual pages from the book and those pages were like $112 each.

Anyway, I don’t hear nearly enough hype over the small group of badass, English designers known as Travail en Famille. These guys have the move with floral/map prints, purposeful cuts, heavyweight cotton, and that quality assurance that always comes with the pasty brits. I couldn’t find a single item in their shop that I didn’t like, but I’m going to lock in on their shirting and scarves because broad-sweeping overviews are for 12-year-olds.

The Shackleton Silk Crepe Scarf by Travail en Famille
The Shackleton Silk Crepe Scarf by Travail en Famille

Print silk scarves are a great flex because, in the case of Travail en Famille, they’re super dope. Also, no one you know owns one. Like, can you even imagine rolling up to your next social function wearing one of these scarves with an earth-toned linen shirt and some breezy trousers? Because, come one, everybody owns loud sneakers and everybody has a camp cap (including me). But YOU get to sail the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria to some new fucking territory using the old-world map on your scarf.

Bliss Foster

Bliss Foster is a little too into menswear. You can find him on Twitter here and check out his other photo projects on Flickr here


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