The Best Track this Week Dropped on a Monday


Sure, it dropped on a Monday and it’s currently Thursday, but you know what? I’m going to go ahead and call it: Buku – Laugh Track.

This is the perfect song to drop into the 60% mark of your DJ set. It’s a song no one will know, but they’ll all do that thing where they stop gently shufflingand bask in an incredible new beat. Everyone will wait by the security gate after your set so they can high-five you, congratulate you on your young trill vibes, and pretend like they don’t just want to know “who did the track with the laughing”.

Laugh Track cruises along at 80bpm, which will be perfect for when you need to slow things down a bit, but you don’t want to lose momentum. Your set can’t just be bangers that use those same 16 real trvp shit sounds, now can it? Gotta bring some variation to that shit. And no, Truffle Butter doesn’t count.

If you’re not a DJ, consider this track your new, badass intro music that you time just right so the 48 second mark drops right as your bust through the doors of the room that contains your #squad.

Good news to DJ’s and normies alike, this track is available for free download via The Nest HQ.

Bliss Foster

Bliss Foster is a little too into menswear. You can find him on Twitter here and check out his other photo projects on Flickr here


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