The Three Tiers to Buying Awesome Sneakers

Hypebeasts live on the bottom tier. They find the rarest drop, they stand in line for two days, cop, and they post them on Instagram (with the caption “Take you to get this fly? ALL DAY!”). Anyone can buy that one pair of coveted sneakers that everyone wants. It’s expensive, it’s easy, and, worst of all, it’s fleeting. Next month, there’ll be another line to sit in.

The middle tier is for innovators: the guys who doesn’t follow the hype, but truly rocks some old/weird kicks effortlessly well. Like your one friend who wears those Gormet x BLVCK SCVLE joints like they dropped yesterday, or that guy with small feet who actually looks like a boss in the Jordan 1 Skinny’s he stole from his girl.

But the godmode tier of being a sneaker #influencer is when you show up wearing The Royale by Greats in white-on-white-on-white.

The Royale by Greats 2

Your friends might not understand the appeal, but you do. You know the buttery goodness of the leather outer, the further buttery goodness of the leather insole and the thick, cozy tongue that says “Made in Italy.”

The Royale by Greats III

For real though, the leather on The Royale is some of the softest stuff you’ll ever feel because it’s full-grain, vegetable tanned, calf leather. Shit does not get more luxe than full-grain, vegetable tanned, calf leather. All that excellence sits on a handmade Margom sole. They even come with waxed cotton laces for that clean finish.

4 The Royale by Greats

I don’t make the science, I just write about it. Above these words sits four paragraphs of proof that these low-tops will get you elected Mayor of Tastemaker Town. Your friends might not understand, but it doesn’t matter because their shoes suck and your shoes fucking rule.

Bliss Foster


Bliss Foster

Bliss Foster is a little too into menswear. You can find him on Twitter here and check out his other photo projects on Flickr here


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