The Age of the MODEL | Meet Amani Phillpotts


This is the age of the model.

Whether it’s a Tumblr model, an Instagram model, a runway model, or even a model for high-end designers; models were put on this Earth to do the one thing: make something look amazing. 

The “Fashion Model” is the current wave right now. A new model pops up on the scene of Tumblr, Instagram, Lookbook, or Twitter every single day. Despite what many think, models don’t just wear clothing, walk down a runway, look attractive, or pose for pictures. Believe it or not, there is much more to it than that. These are the people who wear and show off the newest art to the world. The designers create the art, while the models show us why we need the art.

Meet Amani Phillpotts; a young, aspiring model out of DC. And just like the wave goes, you can call him a “Tumblr Model” for now.

CXS: Where are you from, and how does that shape your sense in fashion ?

Amani:  I was born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland, but it never shaped my style or sense of fashion. Like, everyone — or almost everyone — follows each other in the fashion scene, like, it’s no kind of originality.

Then what influences your style?

What influences my style?….. I was always a weird child. I just like different things. Like, the things people look at and can’t see themselves wearing; I like those items. But my brother, Lae Wavy, he introduced me to the “high-end fashion”.

What should people know about Amani Phillpotts?

Everyone should know that I’m a very weird person, and I express that in my shoots and in my style. (I like) putting things together and not giving two fucks about what people have to say.


When did your interest in modeling first hit you?

I was first interested in modeling from my Tumblr.

Is there any reason you wanted to become a model?

Umm… I really don’t know… It’s like I use to ask all my friends, “can you see me modeling?”, and they’ll say “yeah”, but I don’t know if they were just saying it to say it. So one day I just got up and said, “hey I wanna model”.

There is a new trend almost everyday. Is there any trend out there that you hate?

I don’t really hate any trend…. But I do hate those who follow fashion trends. If you like it and it makes you happy, do you. Don’t buy it because the next man has it. Start your own trend.

Tell us a few of your favorite designers.

My favorite designers. I don’t wanna sound basic, but I do like the silhouette of Maison Martin Margiela shoes. My father bought my first pair when I was 17. But I’m really into Z Zegna, CDG (Commes des Garcons), Kenzo and many more. 

Who inspires you?

Well, my father inspires me to go far. He’s the one that pushed me. I remember sitting at dinner and asking him, “Dad, you think I can make it as a model?”. He said, “Son, you can be what you want, just stick with it”.

What makes Amani Phillpotts separate from the others?

What makes me different? I honestly don’t know. I’m just that weird boy that people may think is cool and chill, when really I’m just a weirdo. Like, I be myself while everyone studies to be the next man.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I really see myself still modeling… Even though I’m not pro yet I can really see myself going far.. But I always have back up plans to fall on.




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