Kyle Wildfern’s “SWISHswish” is one hell of a banger


On June 7th, Canadian recording artist Kyle Wildfern dropped his first major single after signing with newly formed record label ACURE Records, and long story short — the track bangs. SWISHswish came in hot on Sunday evening and left listeners in awe with its highly energetic, bass-booming beat courtesy of Alastair Alston, and of course the fiery rhymes from Wildfern himself and featured artist Jordan Cassius. Listen to the track below:

Before his signing with ACURE, Wildfern released a well received 6-track project entitled Drink Deep EP. After which he went on to launch “Wild Wednesdays”, a series in which Wildfern will be dropping a collection of tracks, including those that did not make the cut for his upcoming project, Presque Vu, on random Wednesdays throughout the summer.

Wildfern is expected to release a follow-up track to SWISHswish in the coming months as he and his team have a lot in store for us. And from what he has going now, we can expect nothing but pure greatness from this new talent.

via Instagram
via Instagram




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