Three Major Things We Can Expect From BALMAIN x H&M

Olivier Rousteing Photographed for Balmain

Well. What a shocker, eh?

Every year, H&M does a collection in collaboration with a high-end fashion house or designer. If you follow fashion or own a social media account of any kind, then you probably know that for the year 2015, H&M will be teaming up with Oliver Rousteing, creative director of the Parisian fashion house, Balmain.

Last year, H&M teamed up with Alexander Wang to create a very… well, Alexander Wang-ish collection with a huge sports influence smothered all over it. The AW x H&M collection gained mix reviews; people either hated it with a passion or they loved it with an even stronger passion. However, months before the Wang x H&M collection was actually released, it gathered a whole bunch of positive hype. Very similar to the hype surrounding this new H&M designer collab with Balmain. The only difference with this collaboration is that it’s getting more negative feedback prior to the release than the two fashion powerhouses probably expected:

The self-proclaimed King of the Youth, Ian Connor, made some ferocious comments about the upcoming collab as well:

Despite all of the people who are disappointed about this collection, there are still those who are jumping for joy. But, I’m sure they won’t be jumping for joy when they see the price tags for the actual pieces, though. Here are a few key things to be expected in this collection (Remember, these are just our best guesstimates. The following isn’t guaranteed to be in the collection. There is just a high chance.):

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 5.22.14 PM

Balmain ain’t cheap. At all. For example, a logo printed t-shirt at the Balmain store goes for about $300! A lot of folks are excited about this collaboration because it’s a high-end, luxury fashion house collaborating with a retail-clothing company that sells shirts at like $5 a pop. They expect the high-end clothing prices to go down to H&M prices. Nah, fam. Let us go back in time to the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration, shall we? A hoodie from that collection was selling for $100. The windbreaker? $300. Sure those are definitely cheaper than Alexander Wang’s prices, but they sure as hell aren’t H&M prices. So, I guess we shouldn’t say “High ass prices” are to be expected, but low prices are definitely not to be expected.

Oliver Rousteing has tried many different things with his recent color schemes. He’s an artist, it’s expected from him to try new things. In his collection, you may see nothing but blacks and whites, then you peruse a little more and see yellows with whites mixed into shades of pink. Then, you keep looking around and you’ll find some camo and dark greens. Long story short, Oliver tends to mix it up when it comes to colors.

We can already smell the abundance of luxurious dresses, skirts, blazers and perhaps even capes. Jourdan Dunn and Kendall Jenner are playing major roles in promoting collaboration, so it is obvious their fashionista fans will be saving up as much as possible to get their hands on some elegant Balmain x H&M clothing. As a matter of fact, Dunn and Jenner wore the first two looks from the collection at the Billboard Music Awards 2015. Don’t worry guys, there will still be plenty of stylish menswear pieces as well! Oliver won’t let us down. Oh yeah, and we can’t forget Biker Jeans for everyone!

Mark our words on these 3 things.

It’s also possible we will see the Balmain logo on about 90% of the clothing and accessories. You know, kind of like what Alexander Wang did with his H&M collection. Then again, only time will tell what Oliver Rousteing and H&M have in store for us.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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