Late Summer Nights | LXRY APPVREL ss15 Full Lookbook

Earlier this year, LXRY APPVREL made a splash into the world of fashion with their highly adored “Because, art.” collection; which featured vividly colored parkas complete with George Condo inspired art. Now, the premium streetwear brand is back with a nice, subtle collection for the summertime.

Summer fashion is always a struggle for people who love to layer and add to their looks. But thanks to brands like LXRY who know exactly what they’re doing and when to do it, we don’t have to worry about struggling with finding clothes that meet our very sophisticated and fashion-forward standards. With their newest collection for ss15 entitled Late Summer Nights, LXRY APPVREL has combined winter fashion with Summer fashion to create this simple, yet effective set of high quality apparel for us. Complete with lightweight bombers and hoodies, denim, split flannels, elongated tees, cropped tops and shorts, Late Summer Nights looks like it will make a fine addition to our summer wardrobes.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.

One thought on “Late Summer Nights | LXRY APPVREL ss15 Full Lookbook

  1. Don’t order for them they fucked up my jacket. They sent me the wrong size patch and fucked up the pocket on the left hand side. Also they take too long to ship out your product. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!



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