“I’m try’na be like one of the greats. I really think I can get there.”

The music world is being renewed almost everyday with new singers, rappers or even producers. It just so happens to be a rare occasion when an artist like singer-songwriter Jacquelyn Smith (best known by Jvckss) hops onto the scene.

I met Jacquelyn via email when she sent me a few of her own tracks. Immediately, I downloaded every song she sent me and listened with ears of content. There are songs that we consider “bangers” or “fire” and then there are songs that we can vibe out to. Jacquelyn Smith’s music is a combination of both; you can vibe out to one song and then on another you can get on your feet and perhaps bust a few moves.


“I focus on the people that fuck with me only.”

Jackie has almost 5000 listens on her Soundcloud since her first drop just 6 months ago, and those numbers are continuing to grow at a rapid pace.  The indie artist’s sound can be compared to Lana Del Rey, Jhene Aiko and perhaps even FKA twigs. Although all of these comparisons can be in order, Jackie never fails to bring her own original sound to the table.8

CXS: When and how did it all start for you? 

Jacquelyn: About two years ago, somebody asked me to feature on their song because they knew I could sing. So, I said ‘yeah’ then people were like asking about me and stuff. I was dealing with a lot of bullshitters, but I finally got it together and started recording regularly maybe almost a year ago.

Why did you choose the name “Jvckss” to be known by?

Man, I don’t even know *laughs*. People give me hella’ names like ‘Jack Jack’, ‘Jacks’ and shit like that. So, I just went with Jacks and it just looks better spelled like ‘Jvckss’ *laughs*.

Where do you plan to go with music?

As far as possible. I’m try’na be like one of the greats. I really think I can get there. I mean, I definitely have versatility. I got hella ideas, it just flows for me. It’s people that’s really fuckin’ with me expecting me to put on and that’s what I wanna do. It’s just I come from a small hood with close minded people. I focus on the people that fuck with me only.



Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.

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