We Might Have Just Found the Fashion Fuccboi’s Heaven


How many times have you seen Kanye step out in a dope fit and wanna go full fucboi and wanna steal his look? Well, for all the Kanye outfit Stans, your life just got 1000x easier.

LookLive.com is a interactive webpage created for celebrities that allows you too keep up with their latest news and also get a peak into there personal closet. While in LookLive, you can search up fashion and culture influencers and go through their day-by-day outfits with an option to be redirected to the spot to purchase the item.

As much as you wanna look like Kanye, you just can’t afford the vintage Raf Simons bomber Ye’s flexin in? LookLive got your back.

Along with giving you the exact item the person you searched is wearing, you are also given a similar alternative to the item and a bargain item.

via looklive
via looklive
via looklive
via looklive
via looklive
via looklive

There will certainly be a large group of people who take advantage of this tool that allows you to dress like your biggest influence but you can’t deny the awesomeness and influence this will have in style.



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