Come Back Of VHS: The Pioneers


In this day and age where HD quality in videos are highly valued and companies keep on making more and more sophisticated cameras like the GOPRO and DSLR cameras. Do VHS Camcorders still have a part in today’s video industry? Well, there are several pioneers who are bringing back the VHS tape and reinventing how videos should be filmed. One such personality is the artist Lifewithuzi. He has made several stunning music videos where he tapes footage with a VHS camera and incorporates them with futuristic sounds and scenes. He has become an internet sensation in the past year and is taking the world by storm. One of his most recent projects, which is a music video entitled Money, has over 100,000 views. He has inspired many others to make VHS filmed music videos, or visuals using VHS. He has worked with Wiz Khalifa in the past and is also a fashionable individual . He is certainly an artist to watch out for in the future. Another way the VHS camera is making a comeback is in the skateboarding industry. Big names such as the skateboarding brand Palace Skateboards are making skateboarding videos using VHS cameras and uploading them into their websites. Their videos effortlessly gives off the 80’s and 90’s vibe and makes you feel like you are in the start of the skateboarding era. Compared to the videos the X-Games (professional competition for high risk sports) make for skateboarders, the video Palace makes gives us that grungy feeling that is very hard to explain.


When I watch a video by them it always takes me back to the time when I was in middle school trying to ride a skateboard and miserably failing, it is a nostalgic experience every time I watch their videos. The same way Lifewithuzi gave inspiration to many people, Palace also inspired many others to do the same. Another big name in the skate scene, and also in the VHS comeback hype, is Peter Sidlauskas. Sidlauskas’ most acclaimed video entitled Enron is nothing like the world has ever seen. Even a total amateur that knows nothing about video production will know that the video took a long time to edit. Also the video is 11 minutes long and has no dull moments. It always hits you with a surprise. One such scene is where a man dressed in all white is skateboarding in the city and in the background there are anime scenes (Japanese cartoon shows) going on in the background! This is another way of how VHS scenes are met with a somewhat futuristic scene (anime) and are mixed in all together. Peter

Another way of knowing that Sidlauskas is following the VHS trends is that sometimes when he has no choice but to shoot with an HD camera, he tells his audience to watch his videos in low quality, 240p or lower. He deliberately does this to make his audience experience the nostalgic feeling of watching a VHS tape. Two of the most well-known underground artists who are a pioneer in this aspect is Bones of Team Sesh and Xavier Wulf of Hollow Squad. Their music is nothing like I’ve ever heard before, however they do not like to call themselves rappers. It is one of those instances where it is hard determine what genre it is, such as artists like Kid Cudi and Travis Scott. Their music is very aggressive and their beats makes you want to nod your head even if you are in a public space. Their music videos are consisted of low quality footage cut up and mashed up into a fantastic film which does not last more than 4 minutes. Bones and Xavier

Anime music videos are very frequently created using the music of Bones and Xavier and the best of them are made by a YouTuber by the name of Tobi Visuals. He uses anime such as Naruto, and edits them in so they flow with the music and is a good experience to watch every time. I would recommend him if you are a fan of anime. Check him out here.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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