ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Compl3xx Interview


Compl3xx (@ComPL3xX) is a young artist and good friend of mine hailing out of FL. I stumbled across his music one day on Soundcloud and absolutely loved it. Ever since, we have kept close ties and I recently got to sit down with him and dig into who he is as an artist, his upcoming project, and what makes him special as a creative.

Read our discussion below:

CXS: So, to start off who is “Compl3xx”?

Compl3xx: Well, I’d say “Compl3xx” is just another kid from Florida who has a microphone that likes to make songs to express his emotions.

CXS: So, what makes “Compl3xx” special then? What sets you apart from other artists and creatives?

C: I guess… a different perspective. Real poetry. I grew up in the suburbs, I don’t have a harsh background or anything like that so growing up I never thought rap was something I could do because I didn’t have those experiences. But, then I realized I am really good at telling stories, so I guess something special that I bring is my ability to tell stories really well.

CXS: Another question I love bringing up with artists is: where did you get the inspiration for your name from? The spelling, the arrangement, and meaning?

C: That’s a really good question, haha. Back when I was 15 my name was C-Money. *laughs*


CXS: Don’t worry every artist has that phase.

C: Exactly! So I went thru this phase, this was back in, like, ’09. I went on Google and Youtube to check and see, and there were like hundreds of “C-Moneys”, haha. So I knew I had to change it. I wanted to keep the “C” for my name Cameron. I kinda fell on “Compl3xx” because I see myself as a “complex artist” and gave it a “complex” spelling. When I Googled/Youtubed that, there was nothing. Therefore “Compl3xx” was born.

CXS: What were some of your influences on you growing up?

C: The youtube movement of like late ’08 with dudes like D-Pryde and Dime-a-Dozen where you would just sit in your bedroom surfing Youtube and listening to these dudes was big for me. I’d watch them and be like, well shit, I can do this. Uhm, Lil-Wayne and Drake were really popping around then too, Kanye too, these dudes really brought emotion into their music. Drake especially. Those were probably the biggest influences on me because they let me see that there is an emotional side to hip-hop, not just hardcore gangsta rap.

“The notes app on the iPhone is crucial to me.”

CXS: What is your creative process like? How do you go about creating something, getting the idea etc?

C: I wake up, go outside, do whatever for the day, and I just take notes. The notes app on the iPhone is crucial to me. If I see something that catches my eye, makes me feel some type of way, have an experience or something I put it straight in my notes. Whether it translate to like one bar or a few at a time, my notes is just full of random bars that I go back to and try to craft my music around those experiences and fit the bars in after. I try to translate the experience I had at that moment or time into the music and then write/find the poetry to it after. All about catching that vibe to tell the story I had in my mind. Actually a good example of this was an experience I had not too long ago at this indie-rock show. I was looking thru my camera lens and i caught this girl just dancing. All the lights were on her and like it was just this one moment and I was like, that’s perfect and i put it into my notes. So now I’m working on crafting  a song around that from the memory of the experience I had and giving her a story.


CXS: That’s really dope. I connect with that, I’ll do the same thing if I have some weird idea I go throw it in my notes for later. I had this experience where I was with a friend and we were caught in a blizzard and had ran out of gas RIGHT in front of the gas station, so here we were just sitting in this car and i had an idea for like a short film or something where it takes place in the car and all around is like the apocalypse or something.

C: Hahaha that’s dope though! That is a cool idea!

CXS: So you just dropped a new track called “Clock In/Clock Out”, you wanna speak on that at all?

C: Yah! So I actually made this one way back like right after I released “Phoenix”. My last project. This track was originally MEANT for my new project but I decided it didn’t quite fit it so I cut it and decided to just drop it now! It’s supposed to capture my experiences working at journeys back in the day. That fucking sucked, going back grabbing shoes, stocking shelves, dealing with bullshit customers, but that was the grind to get my money to put into my craft and propel me forward. So I wanted to capture those feelings with “Clock In/Clock Out”.

CXS: You mentioned your next project. You wanna speak on that at all? Title, inspiration, theme, release date etc.?

C: Yah, so it’s done! Haha, you’ll hear it VERY SOON! I started working on this one right after I wrapped up “Phoenix” last summer. I don’t have a specific date yet but it should be out within 2-3 months and it’s going to be an interactive experience again with like a short film/website like I did with “Phoenix”. Sonically and tone it will be similar to “Phoenix”. I wanna say this achieves what “Phoenix” was TRYING to do. 17 tracks in length, but it’s a triple EP with an interconnecting story. Each EP will have its own sound and theme tho, like one EP is almost Raury sounding in nature. The title of the whole project is “WORLD BUILDER” . That’s about all I can say on that right now, haha.

CXS: That sounds awesome! I can’t wait to hear new music from you, you’ve grown a lot as of late.

C: Thank you man! Haha.


“Too often I hear people who have an idea and they limit themselves off the bat by creating obstacles for themselves. Don’t create those obstacles.”

CXS: Another question I have for you is what are some goals for you? Either in music or creatively or anything?

C: Definitely tour. I wanna see the fans and travel. Uhm, I wanna get into fashion as well, I already work with some people but just on the photography level right now. Architecture is another thing I love. Like you see a cool building and that’s just awesome to me. I love that. I also wanna explore making movies and film. Like short films and stuff. Another thing is my collective MSCNDC, working on getting out to LA to work with them more. They’ll be the only features on my upcoming project and you should definitely stay tuned to that because there will be more happening with that soon too.

CXS: Alright so to wrap things up, any last words of wisdom or advice for the youth?

C: First off figure out your goal, whatever that may be. Don’t focus on the how, just promise yourself you are going to do it, and do it. The rest will fall into place as you attack it. Too often I hear people who have an idea and they limit themselves off the bat by creating obstacles for themselves. Don’t create those obstacles. Just do whatever you promise yourself you want to do.

Listen to the 10-track project Phoenix by Compl3xx below:

Listen to Compl3xx’s latest single Clock In/Clock out below:

Tyler King


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