ALBUM REVIEW. Baby Jesus by Raz Simone

raz 1

Soulful. Soulful and melodic. Those are the first things that hit me off the bat with Seattle native Raz Simone’s latest EP Baby Jesus, which he dropped last week on April 7th. This EP is 7 strong tracks straight from the heart. I was entertained and on board the whole way thru, not one track is weak on this project at all.

Raz’s deep almost spoken word style of rapping fits the theme of this EP and he counters that perfectly with his melodic breaks, both in guest vocals as well as himself. When Raz brings in the melody you can hear the lyrics just tugging at his heart as he lets you know what’s on his mind. This is 7 tracks of pure emotion.

Sonically, Raz tends to shy away from “traditional” hip-hop sounds and beats, which I have always really respected. There is a lot of instrumentation and melody involved with the music which Raz creates that is all over this EP. Raz has a completely unique sound and feel to his music, and the title track to this EP — I think — captures that perfectly. As it starts with strings that transition into a more grungy bass following the same melody and then layering back in the strings from the beginning later on. Overall this EP is deep, both lyrically and sonically. The tone of the tracks have variety and it hits you right where it needs to for the message to contain that extra oomph thru the music itself.

raz 2

Lyrically. Wow. Raz never disappoints here. He really wants to paint a picture of his city and what’s going on around him to help his city. The artist publicly calling out Macklemore on a previous project for not doing his best. Raz says what is on his mind without a filter, another aspect I really respect about him. Like I mentioned before, Raz’s flow and style has a very spoken-word tone to it. He knows what he’s talking about, and he has a deep connection that is apparent to tell he REALLY cares. The EP has very minimum features including some background vocals throughout, and a feature from Pusha-T himself on the last track “That Ain’t Love”.

For recently dropping a few projects, this EP is very strong and I loved it the whole way thru, sonically, conceptually, and lyrically. This is a great work of art. This one is definitely one to take a listen to and check out with it’s diversity in tone, deep storytelling lyrics, and important topics.

The highlights of this EP for me personally were the title track ” Baby Jesus”, “Hallelujah”, “Pulling”, and “That ain’t Love” .

Take a listen below and let us, or Raz himself know what you thought.

Tyler King


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