ALBUM REVIEW. Senior-I.T.I.S. by Noble


So, you are a senior (usually in high school) and at this point fucking done with school right? Not doing work, not getting shit done. Sounds like you got an extreme case of “Senior-I.T.I.S”, which is the title of NY native artist Noble’s recent debut project. Noble, whom we recently featured on the site with a really dope interview where you can get to know Noble more as an artist and where he comes from, has crafted a REALLY strong debut where you can get a small glimpse into the mind of Noble and why he’s worth remembering.

Noble brings his A-game for this debut project, with some very heavy features for an artist early in his career; featuring names such as Schama Noel, Saba Pivot, and Taylor Bennett. Although Noble brings some great additions to the project, they don’t distract from Senior-I.T.I.S. being HIS debut, they all compliment the track they appear on, and they do so in the best way possible.

Senior-I.T.I.S dropped on March 31st and first piqued my curiosity thru these features. I’m not going to lie to you, it took a minute for me to get into this album, but after a few listens, the project has really grown on me. Consisting of melodic background vocals throughout, the project contains very smooth beats, where you can definitely hear the influence gospel music has had on Noble growing up. Most of the production is taken care of by the “CEO” of Exquisite Taste Worldwide, Donn Cobb.

Tracklist for Senior-I.T.I.S.
Tracklist for Senior-I.T.I.S.

After I got a taste for the sound and feel of the project, I tuned my ear into what Noble was talking about and the messages he was trying to convey. The artist touches on some really strong points throughout. I like the way the skits compliment the idea of the project and kind of guides your thinking thru the album as Noble introduces his ideas to the youth by speaking messages of positivity.

Overall, Noble gives us an interesting debut to who he is and his craft. While certain elements didn’t hit me the right way at first, it definitely grew on me after a listen or two. The diversity of Noble’s flow throughout and how the tone of each track varies is something special. His lyricism as a whole? Really impressive for someone early on. Some of the themes brought up are very true and can strike the interests of many — personal growth, the system, being positive, etc.

I think Noble closes the project out fantastically with the last few tracks. Some of the tracks that really stuck out to me were “D.R.E.A.M.S.” , “Wake Up Call” , “Third Eye Vibez” , and “Minimal Pains”.

Take a listen below and let us, or Noble himself know what you thought!

Tyler King

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