Pas De Faux Clothing “Confessions” SS15


Since his last drop in February, Ryan Friedlinghaus Jr. and his team at Pas De Faux Clothing are ready to give us their latest work, “Confessions”. The anticipated collection includes high quality pieces, but here’s the best part — for an affordable price. Plus, the collection is really dope.

We asked Ryan a few questions to get a little more information on what went down when creating the collection and the meaning behind the name. Read our discussion below.


“I especially feel bad for those kids who work everyday to be great and have an amazing talent but never get that recognition they deserve”

CXS: Why is the collection called “Confessions”? What inspired the title?

The inspiration and title came from the duality of having to face good and bad situations everyday in life.

What was the creative process while making this collection?

The creative route/process we decided to take was sourcing all of our fabrics and creating everything 100% from scratch. Also combining the thought of making a 2 thousand dollar jacket available to the public for an affordable price but still delivering the high quality look with our own twist and vision into it.

How do you think the public will react to this collection and why?

I think the reaction people should take away from this collection is being able to buy a high quality product at an affordable price that can still be worn everyday.

When do you plan on dropping “Confessions”?

The collection will be ready later this month or early may, an exact date isn’t set in stone yet.

burning book 2

Anything else you’d like to let us know?

Man all I want to say is there was a lot of hours and hard work put into this collection to execute our vision. Also as a young creative, seeing all these people saying they’re gonna be next up as a designer or the next big artist and having no actions or actual talent to back them. I especially feel bad for those kids who work everyday to be great and have an amazing talent but never get that recognition they deserve. All I have to say is move in silence and let your work and actions speak for you more than anything.

Ryan and his team created a collection of visuals to display the looks of the collection. See the exclusive lookbook below:

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Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.

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