“Tyler and His Brain Without Restrictions and Shit”

tyler brain washed shit

“Tyler and his brain without restrictions and bullshit”. Name something better than that. There is 99.9% chance you can’t.

Rapper, producer, designer, and professional psycho Tyler, The Creator announced his upcoming magazine and Golf Wang media app (iOS and Android) on Instagram today, and the whole Odd Future fan base and bandwagon is going bananas about it. Although the media app and magazine will be $5 per month, Tyler promises subscribers 2 months free!

The artist also let his Instagram followers in on the fact that there will be something big at 9pm Cali time, which is midnight eastern time. Knowing Tyler, there is no telling what this mysterious and highly anticipated something might be.


Tyler’s new album is entitled “Cherry Bomb” and is expected to release on April 13th. Pre-order the new album here. See the music video for the first single released from the album, Fucking Young, below:


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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