AMC Apparel x CUT x SEWN Summer 2015 Collection

Street-wear has evolved into more than just a cool pair of sneaks, man-jewelry, & anything with jersey or mesh material. You can now use “street-wear” & “workplace” in the same sentence. Street-wear has become equal parts quality, art, & versatility.
AMC Apparel is a luxury street-wear clothing brand based in Paris, France and Brussels, Belgium. They have recently released their Spring/Summer 2015 collection in 3 parts. AMC specializes in high quality clothing and accessories.
We are excited to announce that Cyrus Amy, the CEO of AMC & his team have officially invited our team to work with them on creating a summer line. Our line will include high quality t-shirts, jackets, and accessories. This collection will be the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. CB7F5huW0AA4K-E (1)


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