I recently connected with Austin Dowdy of Nomad and had a brief talk about what he does, how he creates, and what he plans for in the future. Read the discussion with the young designer below:

First tell me about yourself

My name is Austin Dowdy, I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida, but I reside in Dallas right now, but I’m always back and forth. I started out as a designer for RatchetMobb, and made my first three releases with them. I decided to part ways with them, and I created “Nomad”.

That’s really cool! What made you want to get in the business of designing your own clothing?

In high school, I was in a business organization called DECA. Me and my friend @lordlopes did an international business competition, and we made our business a clothing line. We had to do a lot of work and traveled, so doing DECA definitely got me into business and made me want to start my own line.

How do you feel your clothing is better than others?

My clothing is better because it’s not repetitive. All of these people who want to be designers just use Google Images or whatever they do. They don’t put thought into it, and another thing is they try to copy the next big design they see. They don’t have their own vision. Not all designers are like that, but a majority I noticed do.

What inspires your creativity when designing?

With bad habits it was my grandfather who passed away from lung cancer. It’s a cliché thing to say but life inspires my creation.

Where do you see Nomad in the next years to come?

For Nomad, I plan to get our products in some stores before the end of 2015. As for the years to come, I see Nomad being one of the best clothing companies in the industry!

What are your biggest fears in the industry of fashion, if you have any?

My only fear is the ‘Hypbeasts’. If I make something that’s different they wont like it, or they’ll love it. I don’t want fake fans either, that’s what I really fear the most.

What will you do to make your next collection better?

I’m going to be versatile, but simple. I have a lot in store for Nomad, the first design was a clue.

Nomad has lots in his latest release, and even more in store to impress us all. Austin is truly a creator with a purpose!

Sneak peek at what’s in store:






Photographs by:




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