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Remember when the term streetwear meant some baggy jeans, a stainy, big t-shirt, some dirty sneakers, maybe some Timbs, and a snapback? That is no longer the case in this day in age! There is this new thing called luxury streetwear and it is taking the fashion world by storm.

For example, luxury streetwear brand KOVALY is making quite the splash in the industry thanks to head designer and creative director of the line… well, Kovaly. I had the pleasure of speaking to the talented artist about his craft and his take on fashion.

Read our discussion below:

CXS: Who is Kovaly?

Kovaly: I’m not a designer. I’m not a model. I just make clothes that I like and clothes that I don’t have in my closet. To have the title of a designer, you have to dedicate your life and research and honing to your craft. I really just want my hands in everything.

How would you describe the clothing you make?

I want my clothes to be dynamic and appeal to a lot of people. I like making dope pieces that make people excited about my clothes, something people can rock on the daily.

What made you want to enter the world of fashion?

My interest in fashion arose when I was 15. I saw a Raf Simons book and fell in love with the art and the details in his work. After that I started researching more about fashion. 

Kovaly's long bomber.
Kovaly’s long bomber.

“(Raf Simons’) work was the first thing that got me into designing”

I ask designers who inspire them, and a majority of them say Raf (Simons). What do you think it is about Raf Simons that impacts fashion so greatly?

It’s the art behind it really. His work was the first thing that got me into designing, but I look up to Oliver Rousteing and Jun Takahashi.

Your web store has been “coming soon” for a while now. I’m sure many people have been patiently waiting for the big drop. Any big projects coming up?

Right now, I’m in partnership with Nate Brown. He owns a men’s boutique called DNA. He’s been in the clothing business for 15 years, and he has been mentoring me and took me under his wing. He gave me the great opportunity to run a store for him. My clothes will be coming (a part of the store) when I think everything makes sense and the time is right!

Where is the store going to be located? When will it be opening?

We are expanding to the Delmar Loop. It’s a very popular strip in St. Louis. Right now I’m currently designing for the downtown location.


Is there anything about fashion today that angers you? Or anything that you think should be changed for the better of fashion?

I hate when people say they set trends and they haven’t even done shit. How you going to call yourself a designer, but make t-shirts and you haven’t mastered your craft? Right now everything that’s coming is the same. Nothing is really different.

Is there any piece that you’ve made that you look back on and say “Why the hell did I do that?”

Not really, I’m really happy about everything I’ve dropped so far. Everything I’ve dropped so far has been successful.

“Don’t come in this game trying to please anybody. Just do what you want and make dope shit.”

When you are designing, what is your creative process like? What goes on in your head while you create that first sketch for a new piece?

When I wake up I take an hour or two to design before I do anything else. So, it’s whatever comes to my head. So I have all these designs — I just pick the one that catches my eyes or I have my prodigy Megan Mafucci pick them.

What would you say to the young designers who are striving to be the next big name in fashion?

Don’t come in this game trying to please anybody. Just do what you want and make dope shit.

Kovaly's pullover sweater.
Kovaly’s pullover sweater.

Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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