PALACE SS 2015 Drop

On March 23, 2015 the up and coming streetwear company Palace Skateboards, dropped its highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2015 collection. The pieces ranged from outerwear, long sleeves, crewnecks, and assortments of hats and beanies.

Palace has been teasing this drop for some time before the drop on their Instagram and Twitter page, mainly promoting the camo wool jacket which seemed to be the go to piece in this collection. Palace is known for their simple designs, and minimalistic approach to streetwear. Many compare Palace to the streetwear giant Supreme and you can definitely see the resemblance.

Below you can see some pieces from the drop. Also, if you are interested in getting your hands on one (or some) of these fine pieces, go here.

palace-spring-summer-2015-lookbook-runffm-440x294palace_1_1 palace-online-store-exclusive-collection-0-600x360 palace-skateboards-to-launch-new-online-store-tonight-0



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