SLIDESHOWS: A FEW of the YOUNG DESIGNERS that should NOT be slept on…

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As we all know by now — because we say it all the time — the youth is taking over the fashion world. According to us at CXS, the age range for the “youth” is 25 years old and under, and there are plenty of visionaries under the age of 25 currently killing the game. No offense to anyone over the age of 26, though.

We looked around and found some collections by the youth that have truly fantastic content. I’m talkin’ pure genius collections. We would like to share them with you.

You’ve probably seen the majority of the designers featured on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or even on this website. Some of them you probably haven’t heard of at all.

Enough chit-chat. Enjoy the (slide)show(s).


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17 year old Jeff Tang is the designer and creative director over at his skate brand, NOBLESSE ATELIER, which is inspired by 60s and 70s culture.

Although NOBLESSE is a relatively new brand, it has surely made quite a splash in the world of fashion. The style in this collection can be compared to a fine, minimalistic piece of modern art. You can tell it emits a very Alexander Wang-Raf Simons-ish vibe. And as we all know, Wang and Simons are the kings of doing minimalistic fashion in a big way.

His most recent collection for Spring/Summer 2015 is entitled “Nightcrawler” and is available on NOBLESSE-LA.COM.

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Anna Costello, the 21 year-old designer at DEATH OF JULIS, made a name for herself and her talent this year with her debut collection titled “UNTITLED”.

“UNTITLED” by Anna Costello has to be one of the most original and fresh collections I’ve seen, especially for a debut collection. Read more of my commentary on the collection here.

The collection is available at DEATHOFJULIUS.COM.

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LoLo, designer and creative director at Blur Visuals recently released the lookbook to his latest FW14 collection, and showcased his Spring/Summer collection at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston on March 20th.

LoLo’s FW14 collection is available at BLURVISUALS.CO.


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We interviewed Champ, designer and creative director of Hybrid Clothing, a few weeks ago. Listen to that here. Champ explains the origins of his line and the process in which he creates.

“SECOND PLACE” is Hybrid’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection and is available at HYBRIDCLOTHING.NET.

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AMC Apparel launched their most recent Spring/Summer 2015 collection in two parts this year.

The AMC style reminds me of a slightly innovated APC… and not because of the name. AMC shows off a fresh style that can be enjoyed by all sides of the fashion world. It’s not too abstract, nor is it too simple.

AMC’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection is available on AMCAPPAREL.COM.

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Perhaps one of the most under-the-radar brands, Japenese clothing line Wacko Maria has been designing and putting out clothing since the early 2000s… at least. Their latest collection was released last year for Spring/Summer 2014, and was featured in an editorial for GRIND Magazine (below). Personally, my favorite collection by Wacko was their very colorful Fall/Winter 2013 collection (above).

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Finding some of Wacko’s clothing is like mining for gold. Thankfully, we have found that Wacko Maria is stocked at UNION LOS ANGELES.

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Forty48C is not only the pantone color code for the color Brown, but it is a newly developed clothing brand by Glyn Brown. Brown’s latest collection is titled “RISE // SET” for Spring/Summer 2015.

Minimalistic fashion is at its highest peak it’s been at in a while, and young designers like Glyn are making the most out of it. Not only will the pieces in the collection seem simple, yet very pleasing to the eye, but they will touch you emotionally. Brown’s SS15 collection has a whole backstory and a deeper meaning that you can read all about while you peruse the collection at FORTY48C.COM.

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We interviewed this brand as our first ever interview back in January, and they still can’t seem to escape from us.

LXRY APPVREL, run by a young designer couple in Atlanta, released their George Condo inspired “Because, art” parka collection (above) earlier this year and gained massive attention, and in late 2014, the duo released their “Olympic MA-1 Flight Collection” of bombers.

Fashion is an art in itself. If you combine art-art with fashion-art, the outcome is just beautiful. It becomes twice as beautiful when the art-art factor is work by George Condo.

The “Because, art” and “Olympic MA-1 Flight Collection” collections are available on LXRYAPPVREL.US.

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Austin Dowdy, designer of RatchetMobb (aka MobbbMilitia), has released his latest piece in honor of his grandfather. The design is based off of a poem he wrote dedicated to his grandfather who passed away from lung cancer and alcoholism.

Although Dowdy doesn’t have a whole lot under his name, he does have a lot in store for us.

The hoodie is available on RATCHETMOBB.BIGCARTEL.COM.

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We interviewed Jani Richell earlier this month, and just like LXRY APPVREL, she cannot escape us.

Richell’s “I Have Nothing To Hide” did not blow up just because of it’s fresh, transparent and 3m design, but also because of the meaning behind it. Read the discussion I had with the talented artist, where she explains the meaning behind her game-changing piece.

The “I Have Nothing To Hide” restock will be available on April 17th on JANIRICHELL.BIGCARTEL.COM.

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Ryan “Pas De Faux”, the designer of his line PAS DE FAUX Clothing released his collection “Codingseason” the first of February. The collection includes a pullover w/ coding graphics printed on the hood and left sleeve (black and white colorways), a dead sunface longsleeve shirt, and a shortsleeve PDF tee.

This young designer is a favorite of mine because of his ability to take trends and flip them to make them his own. PAS DE FAUX includes clothing that — in my opinion — represents the youth. Read more about the brand here. Ryan’s next collection is titled “CONFESSIONS” and will be released sometime this year for the Spring/Summer season.

“Codingseason” is available on PDFCLOTHING.COM.

These are 11 designers you should not be sleeping on.

If you feel like we left anyone out, let us know in the comments below or @ us on Twitter.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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