DREXON FARGO (@DREXONFARGO), an aspiring rap artist from Maryland, is making his come-up, and he is making it known to all.

I had a long discussion with the young artist about his take on music, his upcoming project, and his legendary encounter with one of his biggest inspirations, Travi$ Scott.

Read the interview with DREXON FARGO below to learn more about the creative’s process of making music, his inspirations, and more:

CXS: To start off, I’d like to know a little more about you. Who is Drexon Fargo?

Drexon: Who knows? I’m still trying to figure it out… Deep down in the future, nobody will truly know who he is. Just know he makes dope, next level music.

How would you describe your music?

Diverse. You can never expect the same vibe or feeling on every song. My sound is all over the place, and my producer and I believe the music we are creating is ahead of our time.


What do you think separates what you create from what other rappers create?

My ability to freestyle almost every single I create without writing anything down. Just the fact that I hit record, go for it, and make music straight from the heart.

“Deep down in the future, nobody will truly know who (Drexon Fargo) is. Just know he makes dope, next level music.”

Do you think of any concepts for songs? Or do you just literally start spitting whatever comes to mind, and then build a story off of that? — What is your creative process like?

To be honest, the energy and the dopeness comes from the beats my producer sends. If a beat gives me a certain feeling, I just go for it… If I want to create a certain type of vibe, I usually think of a hook, freestyle it, and then I actually decide to write to add some substance to my songs. But it’s really just all about listening to the beat over and over again and then hitting record and going for it. If something sounds whack, I then decide to actually try and write to add some substance to my songs.

What do you think is the most important component of making a dope track? Some people say it’s the lyrics, others say it’s all about the beat. What do you think?

Honestly, in society today, people are mostly about vibes… It’s good to be able to go full retard on a beat, but also switch up and add substance to vary your musical content. I believe both are essential, it just has to be dope, ill shit. All that backpack rapper shit is whack if it doesn’t have next level taste. And this is what my idol is doing with music. Kanye West isn’t just a rapper, he is one of the dopest artists of our time. He is the leader, he is elevating the taste level and with that, he is slowly pushing culture step-by-step. It’s really just all about creativity, so I’d say substance and beats both count.

FARGOYou have a project in the works, right?


Tell me more about it. What is the concept of the project?

This project is probably the most experimental you’ll ever hear. Because, not only is it abstract or different from any other genre, but as we are creating, we are building a unique sound at the same time. I was in the studio with a couple friends and played it for them, and some said it’s “next level” or “futuristic”. My producer and I can’t categorize it… He himself believes it’s too dope to be held in a category or genre.

Just out of curiosity, who is producing the project? Anyone we’d recognize?

YAKE is his name. He’s my friend, my brother, and the dopest producer I’ve ever met in my life. There isn’t even one great producer of our time that I’d consider replacing or working with over (YAKE). His production took my artistry to the next level.

When can we expect the project to be dropped?

May 15th, on my 18th birthday.

I’d like to touch on the whole Travis Scott meet-up you had. First, I’d like to know about the show. How was it?

Craziest show I’ve ever been to in my life. (Travis) is a fuckin’ heavy metal rockstar.

As an artist, does Travis’ music impact your music in any way?

Yes, definitely. His style, artistry, vision, and sound are way ahead of his time. Him, ye, and Cudi changed my whole perspective on creating music.

What does DREXON FARGO mean?

It actually has no meaning. It’s a name I made up to fit my image.

And what is it about the words “DREXON” and “FARGO” that you think fits your image?

I think “Drexon” represents my reptilian image and my reptilian sound. Fargo represents the wild and explosive side of my sound. As a whole, I feel like both words fit well together as a name to represent who I am.

Drexon Fargo

Finally, I’d like to know any words of wisdom you’d give to the youth today.

I’m going to say this: keep working and learning. It’s the only way to get better and get noticed. When you create, don’t worry about getting famous or becoming popular. Think of this as building sticks of dynamite; each task/goal is to build a huge cache, so when that spark comes around, you will really blow up. My old head’s taught me that nothing in life is easy, you just get better at doing the hard stuff.  You just gotta keep believing, stay positive and stay way from the non-believers.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.


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