Rappers are flooding the scene.

Although a majority of the folk who call themselves “rappers” aren’t really… well, rappers; there is still a majority who have the right to give themselves the title. For example, NY-born recording artist, Noble, is a fine example of 100% rapper. As a matter of fact, he is also a great example of a true artist.

The talented Exquisite Taste Worldwide artist has been on his grind for years creating music not only because he loves to do it, but to inspire those who listen. Noble has a message for his listeners, and he wants to share it with us all.


Read my discussion with Noble below:

CXS: Tell me more about yourself.

Noble: Well, my rap name is Noble, but it’s actually also my middle name. I didn’t really start rapping or even thinking about making music until after I graduated high school, and right now I’m in my sophomore year of college. I became fascinated by hip-hop culture at a young age, but I got my introduction to music and how much I loved it through church and gospel music. My mom wouldn’t let me listen to rap in the house as a kid, so I use to sneak it when she left (laughs). I came from a big family of seven brothers and one sister, and we went through some tough times as a family and that translates into my music.

That’s actually very interesting because  thought your name was the word noble (laughs).
What do you think is your purpose in music?

I would say my purpose in music, most importantly, is to inspire people. I feel like artists almost have a job to inspire and serve the people dope shit. Everyone is so worried about “me, me, me” when it’s us. Rap has a natural competitive complex, but as a musician, I just want to spread positivity and a message. Hip hop saved my life, and hopefully the music I provide can do the same to someone else.

Do you think that the competitive aspect of rap is important to the genre?

Of course.


It pushes everyone to create better stuff. Competition, at least least friendly competition, allows someone to be great. (Michael) Jordan’s greatest moments were brought about against his best opponents.

…if I’m trying to get into the creative process, I listen to the artist that inspired me to start rapping and the artists that keep me going.

What is your creative process like when you write your songs… or create in general?

Hmm… It actually differs. Sometimes I get inspiration while eating a burger in my school cafeteria… Sometimes I’m riding through the subways  and I think of a dope line. 

But if we are talking in general… If (Donn Cobb) sends me a beat or gives me an assignment, I just listen and try to catch the groove. Or if I’m trying to get into the creative process, I listen to the artist that inspired me to start rapping and the artists that keep me going.

And what artists would you say ‘keep you going’?

I have top three artists that I listen to, and it’s weird. The one who actually made me feel like I could do anything is Kanye West. And my favorite artist of the new school, which is Kendrick Lamar. I love his music and what he stands for. My favorite up and coming rapper of the new-new school is Chance the Rapper… That guy’s a genius for real. I love the new music wave coming out of Chicago with guys like Mick Jenkins and Vic Mensa.

What makes you angry about rap today? Like, you just see something in the rap game that makes you pissed as hell.

I guess I’ll say the fakeness. I hate to see rappers lie or fabricate… like, you don’t have to fit in to be yourself. If you really sell drugs and are about that life, then cool, but if you don’t, do not rap about it. I like all aspects of rap. I’d be a hypocrite if I said you wouldn’t catch me turning up to “Hot Nigga” or “Trap Queen” or some Thugga (Young Thug). I love it all, as long as it’s real. Don’t lie to the people ever!

As we all know, you are an artist on Exquisite Taste Worldwide. How did that come about?

I was on my grind with music for a short amount of time before Exquisite Taste gave music a platform, but Donn Cobb the CEO, that was my brother, we from the same town and I actually created the music division of (Exquisite Taste) with his help. He had a vision to manage artists and just help dope artists spread dope music. I already had access to a studio, so I said ‘man, we can start this together and branch it with ET’. He started the vision with clothing and he gave me the platform in ET to spread music through this creative outlet. 

So Exquisite Taste — I guess you can say started with me and Donny.

Where do you see yourself with your music and ET in about 5-10 years?

God willing, we spread and grow and start reaching a good amount of people. I want as much people to see the dope stuff we create. March 31, 2015 is the first step for me with my debut project. But, in 5-10 years, I want to be in the game and prospering with my team.

No one is expected to do anything for you, so do not be afraid to invest in yourself and contact people yourself.

Lastly, do you have any advice to give to aspiring rappers?

Well, I’m still an aspiring rapper myself, but just everyone’s path is different. Don’t expect stuff to just happen the way it happened for someone else, but be a student to the game and study everything. Trust your vision and come up with a plan and then execute it. No one is expected to do anything for you, so do not be afraid to invest in yourself and contact people yourself. 

It’s all a part of the journey.

Noble’s debut project, which is entitled Senior-I.T.I.S. is set to release on March 31st. There are features by Schama Noel, Taylor Bennett, Alliyah, Armonn, and plenty more talented young artists.

Cover art for Senior-I.T.I.S.
Cover art for Senior-I.T.I.S.
Tracklist for Senior-I.T.I.S.
Tracklist for Senior-I.T.I.S.

Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.

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