Since his 2013 collaboration with A.P.C., Kanye West has been working hard to get his clothing out there, and now his dreams are coming true, thanks to some help from adidas Originals. On February 12, 2015, Kanye West revealed his new apparel collection in New York city during NYFW. The show was streamed live in 50 movie theaters all around the world, which sold out in less than an hour.

The pricing on Kanye’s clothing has finally been announced, but as we all know by now, these prices go slightly over your average person’s budget.

According to thesource, sweatshirts and hoodies will be priced at around $430. Duckboots will be about $500, as will the canvas backpack. Knitwear will start at $875 and will range up to $1650. As for the jackets… well, let me just say these prices will wring your wallet dry if you plan on copping one of Ye’s outerwear pieces… Jackets and other outerwear be priced from $1760 to a whopping $4,000! But there is good news to all this financial horror; the Yeezy 750 Boosts will be priced at a nice, subtle price of $210. Ah, some comforting news.

The Yeezy Season 1 collection is set to release in the fall/winter of 2015. And luckily for us, the lookbook was leaked earlier today! The lookbook features the pieces displayed at the NFW show and even some new pieces… and best of all, Amina Blue. See the leaked lookbook below:

YeezySzn1 YeezySzn1lookb5 YeezySzn1lookbook2 YeezySzn1lookbook3 YeezySzn1lookbook4 YeezySzn1lookbook6 YeezySzn1lookbook7 YeezySzn1lookbook8 YeezySzn1lookbook9 YeezySzn1lookbook10 YeezySzn1lookbook11 YeezySzn1lookbook12 YeezySzn1lookbook13 YeezySzn1lookbook14


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