image1For the first time in CXS history, we did our first interview through SMS. Legendary.

But, it is not the method of interview that is important, but the individual interviewed. I caught up with Janisha Richell (best known as Jani Richell), former bracelet and necklace designer, now creative director of her own line, which is simply named “Jani Richell”.

Jani has worked with model Luka Sabbat to promote the first piece of her line, “I Have Nothing To Hide”, which will be available for purchase on on March 13th.

The jacket is a transparent rain jacket with 3m lettering on the back. Very stylish if you ask me, I might have to get one myself.

See Jani’s jacket below:

image2I feel as if that is enough from me.

Read the brief, yet truly inspiring conversation I had with Jani below:

Tell me more about yourself. Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m from Brentwood, New York. I work two jobs to pay my bills so I’ll be able to go back to school (Farmingdale State College) in the fall. I just started designing my own clothes.

Is designing clothes something you have always had an interest for?

I really didn’t. I mean, I was always creative and I love trying new things. My main goal is to not make only clothes that look good, but also clothes that people can relate to. I’m really shy and can be to myself sometimes, but by creating clothes, I can finally be heard. I want my clothes to possibly speak for/to people. Also, I would’ve never thought to do this for myself if it wasn’t for my boyfriend (@DonnCobbTheCEO). He encouraged me to get my ideas out to the world and hopefully touch someone’s heart. Even if I were to sell only one jacket, I’ll be happy with knowing that one person was touched by my story.

That’s amazing. What else have you created other than clothing?

I used to make little bracelets and accessories for fun (lol’ing).

Your jacket is called “Nothing to hide”. What is the meaning behind this name?

Well, actually it’s “I have nothing to hide” (more lol’ing), but I feel as if this quote is used a lot these days. I personally feel like I’m done trying to hide who I really am so that people can accept me. People shouldn’t feel like who they are isn’t enough. Like, when I was litle, I used to hide the fact me and my mom used to live in my cousin’s basement and that we didn’t have a lot of money. I was not able to have the luxury of bringing friends over to chill because I was ashamed of my situation.

Ahh, so is this why the jacket is transparent? To visualize the message behind it?

Yeah (third time lol’ing), now you get it! And the writing on the back is 3m to symbolize how when someone shows their true self they can shine bright like 3m when the flash hits it.

That is truly brilliant! You’re definitely onto something. Do you plan to have a full collection sometime in the future?

Thank you, and yeah, Donn and I are working on a full collection that we plan on releasing before the year is out, so look out for that!

Definitely will. Before I ask these last few questions, do you think it would be possible for me to get a free jacket? I could get a model to promote and whatnot (wink emojis)… And by “a model” I mean me (sunshades emoji).


Alrighty then (crying emoji). Anyways, how do you feel about the youth supposedly taking over the creative world? 

I feel like this (the youth taking over) is true and the youth is able to dream more. They can be more creative and not be so robotic. Adults nowadays have so much going on that they forget to do things that make them happy. 

Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring artists?

Anyone trying to do their own thing and get their clothes, music, or art out there should just do it and make sure it’s from the heart and not so much for the money because the money will come, but first you have to reach people’s hearts.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.



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