Why Jake Lord Is “Next Up”

Jake Lord
Jake Lord

The world of fashion is expanding as we speak. Worldwide, there are thousands of new designers working hard to get their name out there right now. As a matter of fact, about 89.9% of these designers are under the age of 20.

Have you heard the term “The youth is taking over”? if that statement isn’t considered a fact, I don’t know what is. A few examples of the youth’s takeover include 17 year-old designer Gianni Mora, who launched his line not too long ago, and is already considered one of the most successful designers of the youth. Austin Butts, aka Asspizza, is only 16 years old and already working with Adidas and getting into exclusive fashion shows. Ian Connor, who has been crowned King of the Youth is in his early twenties, and is already working with Kanye West and other greats in the business. The list goes on and on…

…But there is one young and creative designer who is standing out from the crowd. A young creator who literally sits in his apartment and creates from days on end.

Jake Lord

Jake has been hard at work for years upon years on his craft, and it is all finally paying off. As a matter of fact, Jake left high school to focus on his art. He was recently in New York meeting with stylist and model Luka Sabbat, 448c designer Glyn Brown, recording artist Ken Rebel, and many more to gain the support and friendship of these other young artists.

#JakeLordIsNextUp has been a huge trend amongst he and his thousands of fans on Twitter, and from the looks of it all, it definitely seems as if Jake Lord is “Next Up”.

Jake Lord
Jake Lord

Who is Jake Lord? Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Jake lord is the kid from a little town in Connecticut called Stamford.

I’m 18, and recently left day school to take a shot at achieving my dreams.

When did you first start creating clothes?

In 2012, my sophomore year, I got accepted to this tiny marine biology high school in Connecticut called the “Sound School” and while there I noticed that a lot of kids would have beat up clothes due to what went on daily being on boats or out on the water, so I started to learn how to do patches and put facing on their shirts to make them extra tough so they could get through all the tough weather we had day in day out. From there, growing up with a mom thats been in the fashion industry, I took what she taught me and started to apply it to my own garments, and since then it’s been history.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 9.47.42 AM

If it weren’t for fashion, what do you think you would be doing right now?

I’d most likely be going to college in the fall for computer science, its one of my first loves, when I was younger with my dad being a teacher he always had a computer for me, sometimes I would take apart my computer, all the way down to the motherboard, then I would reassemble it just so see how things worked, I loved doing that seeing the in and outs of how computers were built, it was astonishing to me.

Your debut collection, which drops April 27th, is called “After Heartbrake”. What made you choose such a name for the line? What does it mean?

After Heartbrake is exactly what it sounds like, my first collection is very small and its based off my feelings of my last relationship that left me cheated on and heart broken. The reason I spelled it “Heart Brake” is simply a play on words, brake by definition means to slow something down, and thats exactly where my heart is now, my heart is slowing down and getting ready for whats to come. This is After Heartbrake.

Is there anything that infuriates you about fashion today? If so, what is it?

The one thing that really makes me mad is how this new wave of young designers and artist are treating this industry like its a competition. This thing we all do called art was never meant to me a race, or a plateau to bash each other, all we are all doing is getting out our ideas, and thats what’s so beautiful about art, everyone has a chance to create, no matter who you are, or where you came from you have the chance to express yourself.

In your opinion, what makes a great fashion designer?

This is a tough question and to be completely honest, I don’t like the title “fashion designer”, but to answer your question, I would say what makes a great one is someone who is consistent, comes with fresh takes on things, someone that can take whats going on in their lives and translate it into fashion.

 If you could collaborate with any designers or artists dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Without any doubt or question I would collab with Helmut Lang, he has always been a designer I looked up to, his come up in the 90’s is something thats just always amazed me, his minimalist thinking with great execution is one that young designers should definitely know more about, i’ve always been one to say “less is more”, and if you know about Helmut you can see what I mean. When you are able to take apart things to the bare essentials then pay attention to the quality of fabrics and focus on craftsmanship you get Helmut Lang. Even though he as a designer has not done much since leaving the line to Prada in 2005 his designs still live on and inspire many just like me.

 Being a senior in high school, how do you feel about the youth taking over fashion?

Last month I left high school, which is a wild choice for someone of my age, and I did it for me, but to answer your question, the wave of new youth taking over fashion is awesome, I just hope we don’t start to lose the essence that the ones before us are what made us.


With that being said, do you have any words of wisdom to the youth?

I’d like to say to the youth, to never ever give up on yourself, it’s okay to give up on others because if they see that you’re not giving up on yourself they can take from that, and know that maybe they can do it too.

Anything is possible, kids, you can create awesome.

You tend to inspire a lot of people. Who inspires you?

It’s really not a “who inspires me” type of thing, thats what I used to believe in, I’m more of a believer in being inspired by design, and creativity now, as a human we are born to learn, and create things, and that is what really deep down inspires me, the ability to create.

Do you have any specific goals for your line?

I want my line to be worldwide, alot of young designers out here just have their clothing worn by kids around them, and its not their fault its all they know sometimes. Being international is very important to me because people from different countries get to have a chance to own something by you no matter where you are from. For example, most people like Hershey’s chocolate right? Well if you think that’s good try some chocolate from Belgium, it will make you open your eyes, haha. My point is I want my line to be a global experience for all. Everyone no matter where you’re from will get a chance to own a piece from me. I promise.

What is your creative process like while designing?  

When I’m getting ready to create I lock myself into my sewing room in my 2 bedroom apartment and open all the blinds and sit, think, draw, then collect all my thoughts and start to make things. It’s what works for me, being alone I’m able to broaden my mind without distraction. So many people try to “think outside the box”, when creating you shouldn’t put yourself in a “box” to begin with, just express yourself however you can at that present moment.


Before we conclude, do you have anything you want to let everyone know about “After Heartbrake” before the big drop in April?

I’m a kid from Connecticut with a dream, with your help this dream can come true, my first collection is just the beginning and I’m going to improve and keep coming with cool clothes for you all.

Now, this “war” has been going on for a while now. Now that Kanye has moved on to create with Adidas, many people have turned against Nike and moved on to become Adidas fans… Who do you prefer, Nike or Adidas? Any thoughts on Kanye’s YEEZY SEASON 1?

Answering this question might prevent me from further business ventures.  As a lifelong Kanye fan, wherever Kanye goes he will create amazing things, the guy is a genius in his own right.

Thank you so much for the interview. See you in April 🙂

A few pieces by Jake.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.

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