New Yeezys Unveiled… Again

IMG_20150206_211304 IMG_20150206_211309 IMG_20150206_203629 IMG_20150206_211306 (1)


As it appears Yeezy season has begun, Kanye has been dropping multiple hints about the release of something HUGE. Just yesterday, he tweeted a link to, which took users of the web to a mysterious site with laggy footage of something playing behind a timer that started at 00:00:06:19:52:31:01. That timer now looks like this (as of February 6, 2015):


Everyone was so curious as to what the timer was ticking down to… Perhaps the release of his new album? The day his second child is born? Hell, this is Ye after all, it could’ve been the countdown to second coming of Jesus Christ. Who the hell knows?

But interestingly enough, one hour ago IBNJASPER leaked some photos of the new Yeezy x adidas shoe onto Instagram. Yes, the Yeezy (or Yeezi) 3 has been unveiled… for the second time, actually. Remember back in November when a picture of some unreleased Yeezys were put out onto the web? They looked something like this:

Yeezy 3 leak November 2014

Yep. Don’t those seem quite similar to the ones that were leaked earlier tonight? Quite.

What do you all think of the new Yeezys? Would you cop a pair for yourself?


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.

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