Designer, Hari
Designer, Ilhegal

Most of their fanbase would recognize the two young and aspiring designers as 0% and $0,000,000 from their names on Twitter…

Hari (0%) and Ilhegal ($0,000,000) are designers in New Jersey currently working on their upcoming collection, LUV, which (shockingly) drops on Valentine’s Day. Not much from the new collection has been spoken of by the two artists, but the most anticipated piece from LUV is the “LUV Cap” (which can be pictured below). The cap will be on sale for just $35 on February 14, 2015.


A big portion of the profit from the sales goes directly to charities and feeding the homeless. 

CXS caught up with the two designers the other day and asked a few questions. Read the brief interview with them below:

CXS: Q 1: Tell us about yourself and your brand.

We are duo designers, ilhegalxHari. We are based out of New Jersey. We are 17 and 16. Our goal of the brand is to spread positivity & love in the fashion scene, and throughout society in general. 

Q 2: As an artist, what will you do with your brand to separate yourself from all the other clothing brands out there?

We want to promote positivity and “LUV”. The overall outlook on the fashion scene right now is very dark and, negative . We want to spread positive ideas, messages, and discontinue this negative trend.

Q 3: When does your first collection drop?

2.14.15. Valentine’s Day.

Q 4: What piece from your collection do you think will receive the most attention? Why?

We believe the caps will bring the most attention. Our caps are different, because of the color-ways, and the messages we portray. 

Q 5: Many designers are making caps these days. What do you think attracts buyers to caps the most, rather than any other garment?

Fashion is full of trends, and we feel this is just one of them. 

Q 6: If you could bring back any dead trend in fashion what would it be and how would you do it?

Ilhegal: The 1980’s “Born in the USA” Greasers look. 

Hari: I like more of a 1980’s “Punk Rock” look. 80’s and 90’s Rock has a big affect on today’s fashion, and the way I dress personally. 

Q 7: If you could collaborate with ANY designer, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Ilhegal: I would love to collaborate with Kanye. I think he has such genius ideas, and I want to incorporate my ideas with his to create mind blowing masterpieces. 

Hari: I know he’s not a designer, but I would’ve loved to have an art/fashion patch collab with BASQUIAT. It would be amazing to work with such a talented artist, and to put his art on clothing.

Q 8: This is probably an odd question, but your Twitter names are “0%” and “$0,000,000”. What does this mean?

The 0% for Hari represents how well I think my brand is and how close I am to reaching my goal . Right now I’m in the beginning stages but after the release , that percent will raise.
The $0,000,000 for ilhegal represent how much money we started with and the progress of each release. A percentage of the money we raise will be given away directly to the homeless because that’s “LUV” <3. 

Q 9: What designer inspires you the most?

Raf Simons 2004 archive inspires us the most. His unique patch work drove us to the conclusion that we should put raw patches on hats, because it has been rarely done.

Q 10: Anything else you want to add?

Make sure you guys go get our caps ( and follow us on Twitter @ilhegal and @diesoonhari 


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.



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