Last Friday, we contacted LA recording artist, $teven Cannon‘s manager asking if we could get an interview. Luckily for us, they came through.

For all who aren’t aware of who exactly $teven Cannon is, he is a recording artist in Los Angeles who has made a nice name for himself in the world of music. Cannon runs the world of LA rap with around 400,00 hits on Soundcloud, a new EP with Aris Ray titled “PINK $TREETS“, and a big project in the works. I honestly expect to see his name everywhere in the next few months.

But, as $teven said himself, “…Let’s skip the introduction, no need to hear my name, you gon’ learn that while we’re fu…” Nevermind (I’m Just Tryna by $teven Cannon). Just read the interview I got with Cannon this past week:

“Pink $treets” EP w/ Aris Ray

Q 1: First of all, Steven, I want to say your latest EP, “PINK $TREETS” with Aris Ray was somethin’ else. Great work, man. I really expect to see your name everywhere in the next few months. But, second of all, I have to ask, who is Steven Cannon? Tell us about yourself.

“A gold chain wearing ass nigga, that does 82 in a 65 and can’t see shit with my chinky eyes”. Haha. I’m just a guy that comes from a mid class family but moved to cali to get his own things. I was tired of growing up being called “the spoiled child” (because of) how I get what I wanted from my parents, but in reality nobody ever knew I touched poverty by getting everything I wanted from my parents. My pops always wanted to give his kids everything, even if he had nothing, and that’s truly what makes me who I am.


Q 2: Why did you decide to call your latest EP “PINK $TREETS”? What was the best part of making the project?

Honestly, the title “Pink $treets” was really random. We wanted to go for a dope ass type of title for our mixtape, we was gonna go for “Hennessy Mountain” but we were just throwing ideas around and “Pink $treets” emerged. The best part of making the project was actually MAKING THE MUSIC. Me and Boog (Aris Ray) had sessions every Sunday and it was just fun. Me, him and the engineer (Andrew Grossman) sat in the studio and came up with the new EP “Pink $treets”.

Q 3: What got you started with music? Who (or what) inspires you to keep going?

I got started with music after hearing Bow Wow’s “Basketball” at a very young age lol. I’m inspired by the trill movement down south, I’m inspired by Paul Wall all the way to Pimp C (RIP). People say that I have an ASAP Mob feel but they really don’t inspire me, no diss but they adopt the style of other cliques such as Dipset or NWA, which is different than me.

Q 4: What do you consider your style of music? When I listen to a lot of your songs, I notice a big trap vibe to them. But then in some of your other songs, I notice a great rap vibe.

My style of music would be considered “Wrist Music” or “Lean Music” something you can vibe too when you’re on one. I have a trap sound but I don’t consider it that because I’ve see females dance to my music and personally I like to wave off of lean while listening to myself. I consider real trap music like gucci or jeezy or people like that, hard body niggas that did it the hard way on the corner back then.

Q 5: Are there any other genres of music you’d like to toy around with? Have you ever thought about playing around with another genre just to try it out?

Honestly, I’m really fuckin with the Trap EDM/House genre. I don’t know if I’ll ever go that route but it would be dope to mess around with it conceptually. Besides Hip-Hop, I don’t really listen to too many other genres. I listen to what sounds good on my headphones.


Q 6: Who, in your opinion, has the rap game on lock today?

I could name all the people killing it on the radio such as Drake, Jay, Rick Ross, Wayne, you know, the usuals but to be all out real about it, I’ve never seen anyone have as trong of a work ethic as Dej Loaf. In a matter of months, Dej has killed the game on some unreal shit. From hearing “Try Me” on SoundCloud to hearing the legendary Lox on the remix, she has definitely come a long way.

Q 7: About 2 months ago, Kid Cudi tweeted “Anyone and everyone can rap now. It’s not a fun field to be in anymore?” What are your thoughts on this quote?

Kid Cudi is the man!!! I love his music and genre and he’s from Ohio, which is where I was born. But he’s right, rap has lost its uniqueness a little bit, but it’s the ones that understand how to use media and social platforms to their advantage that actually are changing the genre for the better. You can’t be lazy anymore. Of course, rappers such as Soulja Boy and Lil B are the 2 worst rappers in existence but they have a fan base and are relatively successful because of their ability to remain active on media streams.


Q 8: If you could collaborate with any artist(s) dead or alive, who would it be?

Man, I don’t really fuck with collabs as much as I used to but I would kill a collab with Gucci Mane, Dej Loaf, Ashley All Day or Rockie Fresh. I really love their sounds. I also would love a track with new up & comers such as Lil Bibby or Lucki Eck$. I like these artist’s work ethics and sounds.

Q 9: What is something about you that people would not expect? (Weird habit, weird fact about you, ect.)

Something that people would not expect is that my whole music career is hidden from my parents. I could honestly say I could never tell my parents what I rap about or why i rap about it because it would break their hearts. But to me keeping them away from the negativity has made their lives better. They do not know about the drugs or the trapping because of the background that I’ve come from. I was taught to never do shit like that but when you’re 19 on your own you have to do what you have to do to survive in one of America’s most expensive states.

Q 10: What is your creative process while making your music?

I actually write in the shower or after I be with one of my bitches, all honesty. Pussy makes me happy and I write when I’m happy or when I’m down. I found my style during high school because I was such a playboy in high school and always had fun so it grew on me and I found out I was most creative after sex.

Q 11: Are there any songs you’ve released that you look back on and think, “Why the hell did I put this out…” If so, which one(s)?

There have actually been mixtapes where I’ve looked back and wondered why the fuck did I put that out. I didn’t have management at a younger age, so I really was just putting songs out to show people I was working and I was the only one with a studio at a young age, so I always wanted to show my boys and put them on board early with my music career. But honestly, I can only say only a couple have stuck around to see where I am now.


Q 12: If you could give any words of wisdom to aspiring artists, what would they be?

Pick a car that you always dreamed to have; work towards that car. When you get that car, pick a house, and when you get that house, the sky’s will be the limit. Invest in your dream and invest in the person you want to be. Incentives for success always seems to work.

Q 13: Have you already started working on your next project? If so, can we get some inside on it? 😉

My next project has been in the works for a while now, actually since last September because of how big it’s going to be. The date of release is private for now but I plan on making this project the biggest project I have ever released, and I am excited to see the fans’ responses.

Anyone you wanna give a shoutout or a big thanks to?

My shoutout list isn’t too big, but I would like to thank God, my mom and my homie thats locked up right now. Ray D was one of the biggest inspirations to my music career, if Ray didn’t push me mentally to pursue my dream I’ll probably be in the Army somewhere getting shot at over a war I didn’t start or a black man in police training to go defend against riots from black prohibitionists or something. Ray D man, I love you, you are my brother, you are a man of great values and I appreciate you. I can’t wait for you to get out and see my accomplishments. We haven’t spoke since the day you went in because Mom and Erin kept us separated for what they thought was better for me, I’m sorry man. See you soon.

Last shoutouts I have are for the people closest to my heart and responsible for my success: Nicole Estrada, Aris Ray, Louie&Friends, Danny Garcia, Andrew Grossman, Harvey Mason, Amina (Ling-Ling), my only friend in LA, Brian Simmons and the best manager to walk this planet, Johnny Dezzutti at Canvas Creative Agency (CCA).


There you have it: $teven Cannon, everybody.

If you’re interested, take a listen to a few of my favorite songs by Steven below:

If you want to explore more of Cannon’s work, go here.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.



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