Since November, it has been another great season for fashion. As a matter of fact, winter is the best time for the fashion with all of the new outerwear, jeans, joggers, and caps. Yes, caps. Remember when bucket hats was the big thing? That trend is in the midst of dying, and turning into the cap trend.

I believe it is safe to say that Gianni Mora is one of the big pioneers to this new cap trend with their famous “I think about you sometimes” (aka Summer Note) cap which was seen on Wiz Khalifa and Ian Connor, then blew up literally overnight. Since that cap could sell like that… Why not mine? Thought lowkey fashion designers everywhere.

Model in Gianni Mora
“I think about you sometimes” / Summer Note Gianni Mora cap

People were flocking to get that cap! Gianni and his team made thousands upon thousands off of that one… cap. Now, as I scroll down my timeline on Twitter, I see a bunch of new cap designs by lowkey designers and a large amount of people buying them! It is not just any cap, either. I see hundreds of mainstream sports and leather caps in stores. What makes this new trend of caps new is the dark, artistic sense to them. Nowadays, it seems as if people want a creative message with a sick design across their foreheads.

By the way, if you’re interested in getting one of Gianni’s long-sold out caps, there is speculation he is re-releasing them February 11th.

Ralph Lauren has played a big part in creating this cap trend as well. Have you ever looked down the street and seen at least 3 people in Polo caps? Me too.

And I know what some of you are thinking: “What about the bucket hat?!”


BREAKING NEWS: The bucket hat is supposedly being “left in 2014”.

Yes, people. The bucket hat is now officially a FAD… for now at least. Let’s be honest, how many fads have come back to the shelves to haunt us? MC Hammer pants died off 20 years ago, but they are back everywhere. We just changed the name and called them “joggers”.

Remember when last year, if you didn’t have a bucket hat, you were not hip or cool? Now if you walk out with one on people look at you like you’re stupid. It’s crazy how things could change in a matter of months.

Here are a few tweeters who agree that the bucket hat should be left in 2014:

Tweets like this go on, and on, and on, and on… And on.

What are your thoughts on the bucket hat and the cap? Which would you rather wear? And as a final note: if you still rock a bucket hat, don’t be ashamed. You could possibly be the one to bring it back.


Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.

3 thoughts on “CAPS ARE TAKING OVER

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