How Supreme Became, Well, Supreme.

I’m pretty sure we have all heard of Supreme Clothing.

The infamous box logo which reads “Supreme” on it? Yeah that’s it, those box logo hoodies sometimes sell for over $500 USD. You’re probably wondering how Supreme did that, and how they release anything that sells out in, literally, a matter of seconds.  Well I’m going to tell you how… it’s the quality and the quantity.


Supreme clothes & accessories all have amazing quality, but not a lot of quantity. Just like other brands, Supreme strives to keep the customers wanting more. Supreme just executes it in a way so perfect, the customers are mad that they cannot get more. Although the anger, this doesn’t stop the customer from trying to get their hands on some hot Supreme gear. This leads to said-customer refreshing the page, subscribing, waiting religiously for Supreme to drop something so they can be the first to pay hundreds–maybe even thousands of dollars on the quality item. But wait, there are millions of other people doing the exact same thing all across the world! Once our customer finally gets the brand-spanking-new item into his shopping cart, puts in his card information, presses the “checkout” button and BAM… Sold out in less than 3 minutes.

We all know Supreme makes millions of dollars per year off of their products. They can easily increase the quantity of certain items… They are not a new brand anymore. To be exact, this April, Supreme will be 21 years old. It is a good chance Supreme chooses to make such a low quantity for certain items. Why? They are brilliant marketers, that is why. Why pay a brick to make a ton of items for everyone, when you can make a brick off of selling a limited amount of expensive items to a relatively not-so-great amount of people? Make sense? With this method, you make tons of money and you gather more hype for your next drop.

Another factor to their great success is how exclusive their product is. You don’t see Supreme stores in any mall outlets. Hell, you barely see it worn in the streets. Supreme has always been exclusive, and people who want to stand out with their style will drop bands on some Supreme. Supreme gained a whole bunch of attention just a few years ago from the help of LA based rap group, Odd Future. OF and Supreme supported each other, so of course Odd Future wore their stuff… And a lot. This got OF fans flocking to the Supreme site and Supreme’s front doors in New York. Don’t get me wrong, Supreme was doing well without Odd Future – they already had their own store in Fairfax (They were also the first streetwear brand to do it). As we know, Odd Future has millions of die-hard fans, which really put Supreme on a whole new level.

Long story short, being around for about 20 years, brilliant/evil genius marketing, staying true, making dope/exclusive pieces, & having many celebrity customers is what made Supreme Clothing pretty much supreme of streetwear fashion.



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