We caught up with rapper Atari Jones (@Atari_Jones) from Cleveland, Ohio.

Checkout some of his music on


Q : Tell the viewers something about yourself, What got you into music?

A : What really got me into music was my uncle and my aunt. Like I was into it before them,but they really made me appreciate it and want to listen to all kinds of music.

Q : What’s the process of coming up with a song like for you?

A : It honestly doesn’t take me to long, I just listen to the beat and depending on the mood or vibe of the beat I will come up with a concept, or story for the song.

Q : Who do you look up to?

A : My uncle, he’s like 28 this year but he was always like a Homie/Father figure to me which is dope.

Q : If you could collab with any musician alive or dead or would it be?

A : Travis Scott and John Lennon.

Q : One thing you like about music right now?

A : One thing I like about music right now is that it’s open, more open minded then it was a few years ago, open for young creative’s like myself to show the world something new.

Q : Crazy story?

A : Crazy Story I use to live in a homeless shelter lol.

Q : Any special thanks/shoutout you would like to give to someone?

A : Special thanks to my great grandmother for telling me I’d be great.



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