Earlier today, we caught up with fast-growing, luxury streetwear clothing line, LXRY APPVREL.
If you haven’t heard of this relatively new line, we at CXS highly recommend you check out their clothing. They create luxury streetwear for the well-styled and artsy-minded folk of the fashion world. Their latest parka collection “Because Art”, which was inspired by contemporary artist George Condo, was just released earlier this month. Here are a few pieces from the new collection:
Read the interview with the founder/head designer of LXRY below:
Q 1: First of all, before I ask anything that has to do with your brand, who are you? Who is the genius(s) behind LXRY APPVREL? (Where are you from, how many people are in LXRY APPVREL, ect. Tell us about the people behind the brand)
Well, my name is Kaelin Davis (Twitter: @imlegaldope), I guess I’m the “genius” behind the line. I’m from Houston but I’m currently creating in Atlanta. There’s quite a few people behind the brand actually, but for the most part a lot of the ideas are thought of by me and my girl. 

Q 2: When did you first start designing clothes? What got you into making clothes?

 • I started designing clothes probably right before my sophomore year in high school. So I’d say I was 15-16 years old. Around that time nothing in stores was really jumping out at me. I was already into clothing and that was my main way of expressing myself through high school.. So I figured, why not create my own?
Q 3: Was making clothes your first choice as a career, or did it just strike you as an interest one day?
Not at all! Originally, I wanted my career to be in sports but I mean, my real passion is clothes.  

Q 4: Which fashion designers/artists inspires you the most and why? (Other than George Condo)

 • Coco Chanel inspires me the most, I just think it’s dope how she created so many pieces but she never sketched any out a day in her life. That’s like freestyle designing! Haha, so to me she was like the Jay Z of design. Kanye West also has a lot of influence on how I create, and my perspective of how I present my work.
Q 5: If you could collaborate with any fashion designer/artist in the world, dead or alive, who would they be? Why?

Definitely Gianni Versace, and that’s just off the fact that a lot of his designs looked super risky but he won every time. He just wins. 

Q 6: I notice you specialize in designing outerwear. Why does outerwear grab the attention your creative eye the most?

 You know how sometimes when you’re out you see someone that’s clearly just trying too hard with their outfit? That’s the exact kid you DON’T want to be.. so usually I just keep it pretty minimal and I’ll just throw on one really dope piece that sets the outfit off. 

Q 7: What was the most complex part of making your line?

 The most complex part I’d say is trying to mix highend fashion with street wear. Only because it’s like turning casual pieces you would wear just to go to the bank (or something like that) into pieces you would only find at a lowkey boutiques.

Q 8: What is your creative process while designing your clothing?

 • I just like for things to make sense. I can’t just throw random aesthetic shit, or what’s “in” right now onto my pieces. So I start out with a vision  that i want the entire collection based off of– then, me and my girl may start bouncing a few ideas off of each other and then kind of boil it down to a few pieces that just make sense with each other and go with that.
Q 9: Do you have any idea what your next collection will be? 
• Awesome.
Q 10: Anyone you want to thank for your success?
Anyone who gave any kind of input, negative or positive. Nobody even had to pay attention to what I was doing and the fact that they went out of their way to even check my stuff out was just love to me honestly man.

Q 11: Suppose there are young folk out there with the idea to create a luxury clothing brand, what advice would you give them?

 Don’t. Half. Ass. Anything. If you’re going to do something, going 100% should be the bare minimum really. Creating from a genuine place and creating just for funds are two completely different motives and the quality of your work will definitely expose your motives. Only do it if you love it.
There you have it, folks. Make sure you purchase your luxury apparel from LXRY APPVREL now on their website, By the way, I heard there is a discount deal… Follow them on Twitter for more information on that.

Cut x Sewn Magazine Founder & Creative Director.



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