Rap has been very popular over the last year. New rappers are coming out of blue everywhere… Not all of them are any good, but out of the 100% of Twitter and SoundCloud rappers that are out there trying to make it big, there is about a good 77% of them that are worth listening to. For example, the East Coast’s very own Sam The Man, or “Flair” is a particularly good artist who produces, writes, and records his own rap music.

After releasing his first album on Christmas of 2012 titled VISIONARY MIXTAPE, Sam has made a small name for himself with his great sense of style and equally great material… Plus, his outgoing personality also makes him stand out from the crowd. It is obvious in his music Sam strives to stay original and creative with his music, and he executes it perfectly.

FLAIR SZN album artwork.
FLAIR SZN album artwork.

If you are tired of all the trash and spam from not-so-good Twitter rappers, take a peak at this talented artist. You won’t be disappointed… Unless you are disappointed, then I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do about that.

Take a listen to ALLADIN, a single from Sam’s upcoming album, FLAIR SZN:

FLAIR SZN by $am The Man drops on February 14, 2015. Follow Sam on Twitter here. Also, here are some screenshots tweeted by IGO FILMS from Sam’s ALLADIN music video, which drops this Tuesday. #LGGG

ALLADIN - January 20, 2015ALLADIN - January 20, 2015




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